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Dead by Daylight Jargon (Dictionary)

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This is just something I decided to write for fun. I'm sure other people have done similar things already though. Some of these might not be fully accurate so feel free to correct me in the comments. If you think there is anything I missed please add it below too! I hope this is helpful to newer players in order to properly understand some of the terms used in DbD.


Bad Manners/BM - Being rude or hostile through actions such as tea-bagging or trolling.

Body-Blocking - When a survivor blocks a hook to prevent a survivor being hooked there and give the carried survivor more time to wiggle and escape the killer's grasp. 'Body-Blocking' could alternatively refer to a killer trapping a survivor in one area, although this is much more infrequent.

Buff - The action of making a character/perk/object/map/item/addon/offering etc. stronger than it previously was. e.g. "Do you think this perk should be buffed?"

Camping - The act whereby a killer stands within close proximity to a hooked survivor in order to ensure that the survivor cannot be easily rescued. 'Camping' was presumably coined due to the literal meaning of camping connoting staying in the same place. e.g "Sometimes camping is the best method to secure a kill."

Crows/Stillness Crows/Idle Crows - When a survivor stands still for an extended period of time or idles in a locker for a long time, crows will begin to fly and caw above their head or perch atop the locker. This alerts the killer to the survivor's location. e.g. "I went AFK for too long and now I've got crows!"

Exhaustion (Perks) - A set of perks which interact with the exhaustion effect in some way. Most exhaustion perks give the survivor a temporary speed boost. The exhaustion perks are:

  • Sprint Burst
  • Balanced Landing
  • Dead Hard
  • Lithe
  • Head On*
  • Adrenaline*

*Adrenaline and Head On are not typically counted as exhaustion perks by the community as they do not behave in the same way as the other perks do although they still interact with the exhaustion status effect.

Face-camping - A specific type of camping whereby a killer stands directly in front of a hooked survivor in order to make unhooking the survivor virtually impossible. Prior to patch 1.8.0 (released on 26th October 2017), it was possible for the killer to block the unhook prompt by face-camping and thus make a save impossible. Therefore true face-camping, characterized by blocking the unhook prompt, is no longer possible. e.g. "Face-camping was abolished in the 1.8.0 patch."

Farming -

  1. When a survivor unhooks another survivor at an unsafe time, chiefly when the killer is still very close, in order to gain bloodpoints.
  2. When multiple players in the game do not partake in normal gameplay but instead work together to gain bloodpoints. Note: This action is against the game's rules, do not do it!

Four-Percent/4% - A term denoting a successful 'attempt escape' action by a hooked survivor. This act is often referred to as 'the 4%' since the chance of succeeding an 'attempt escape' while hooked is 4%.

Generator-Jockey/Gen-Jockey - A survivor who focuses on repairing generators as opposed to playing altruistically or running the killer. e.g. "David is a gen-jockey."

Generator-Rushing/Gen-Rushing - When survivors focus primarily on repairing generators as quickly as possible. e.g. "The survivors are gen-rushing."

Generator-Tapping/Gen-Tapping - The act of a survivor pressing and releasing the interact key (default M1) repeatedly while repairing in order to repair the generator in short bursts to avoid getting skill checks. This is typically done to counteract Hex: Ruin. e.g. "Nea is gen-tapping!"

God Pallet/Shack Pallet/A-Pallet - The pallet which spawns at killer shack. It is often revered as the most important pallet on the map for the survivor team because it provides a lot of safety and can be looped for a long time. e.g. "Make sure not to waste the God Pallet early!"

Hex Perks - A group of killer perks characterized by their connection to Hex Totems. These perks are attached to lit Hex Totems and their effects typically cease once the related totem is cleansed. The Hex Perks include:

  • Hex: Ruin
  • Hex: The Third Seal
  • Hex: Devour Hope
  • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
  • Hex: No One Escapes Death
  • Hex: Haunted Grounds
  • Hex: Huntress Lullaby

Hook Gymnastics/Hook Dancing - A method of communication used by survivors in Dead by Daylight's early life. 'Hook Gymnastics' consists of two signals while a survivor is on the hook:

  1. Remaining still signaled to other survivors that the killer is a safe distance away for them to try and rescue the hooked survivor.
  2. Spamming the 'attempt escape' action signaled to other survivors that the killer is in close proximity to the hook and attempting a rescue is not bad idea at that time.

This communication system became very infrequently used after 2016 as many new survivors got the message confused and believed that spamming meant to come and save.

Insta-Blind (Flashlight) - This term referred to the 'Utility Flashlight' item when paired with the addons 'High End Sapphire Lens' and 'Odd Bulb'. In the game's early life, this item (and addons) were much more powerful and this combination would result in a flashlight that would almost instantly blind the killer, hence the name. e.g. "True insta-blinds can't happen anymore since the addons were changed."

Infinite - A term used to describe a location in the early game which survivors could loop around for near infinity (without the killer gaining distance) due to the setup of windows/pallets/obstacles. Nowadays, there are no true infinites remaining due to such locations being altered and the addition of features like bloodlust and the window blockers. However, the term is still sometimes used to describe locations where the survivor can loop for a long time. Such locations are also uncommonly referred to as 'pseudo-infinites'.

Killer Shack/Blue Shack - A building which spawns of virtually every map which has a chance to contain the basement on some maps and will always contain the basement on some maps. The killer shack will always have two doors, one pallet, one window and two lockers. e.g. "I'm at killer shack."

KYF - An abbreviation of 'Kill Your Friends'. e.g. "Do you want to play a match of KYF?"

Legacy (Prestige)/Uber Prestige/Entity-Touched Prestige - A cosmetic item characterized by glowing orange which was unlocked by prestiging a character prior to 24th November 2016. This was implemented to reward players for prestiging their characters despite the bloodwebs at the time being much harder to get through. Legacy cosmetics can no longer be obtained and will never be available to unlock again. e.g. "That player has legacy clothing."

Lighthouse (Totem) - When a lit Hex Totem spawns on top of a hill or other high point where it is clearly visible to survivors. e.g. "Lighthouse totems are so easy to find and cleanse."

Moonwalking/Red Stain Manipulation - When the killer walks backwards to hide their red stain from view to aid them in a chase. e.g. "The Trapper is moonwalking right now - look out."

Mori/Memento Mori - A killer offerings which allows the killer to execute a survivor in the dying state who has been hooked previously. e.g. "Oh no, the killer has a mori!"

Nerf - The action of making a character/perk/object/map/item/addon/offering etc. weaker than it previously was. e.g. "Do you think this perk should be nerfed?"

NOED - A common abbreviation of the killer perk 'Hex: No One Escapes Death'. e.g. "The killer has NOED!"

Pallet Looping - The act whereby a survivor loops repeatedly around a pallet and nearby debris to maximize the time wasted by the killer in a chase. e.g. "Meg Thomas was pallet looping the killer."

Pallet Town - A nickname given to the map Blood Lodge (Autohaven Wreckers) due to its large number of safe pallets. e.g. "We're on pallet town."

Patrolling -

  1. (similar to camping) When a killer walks around nearby to a hooked survivor but does not stay strictly close to the hooked survivor.
  2. The act of a killer walking from generator-to-generator around the map to locate survivors and hinder generator progress.

Respecting (Pallets) - When a killer waits at a safe distance away from pallets to avoid being stunned should the survivor drop the pallet. e.g. "This killer respects pallets way too much."

Ruin - An abbreviation of 'Hex:Ruin'. e.g. "The Hillbilly is running Ruin."

Rusty Hag/Shackles Hag - This refers to a killer playing 'The Hag' using the 'Rusty Shackles' addon. e.g. "We're versing a rusty Hag."

Safe or Unsafe Pallet? - Safe pallets are those which can be looped easily due to surrounding debris/objects/windows with a low risk of the killer mindgaming the survivor and landing a hit. Unsafe pallets have a high risk of the killer hitting the survivor due to the possibility of mindgames or a lack of nearby resources (typically debris to loop around).

Sandbagging - When a survivor reveals the location of another survivor or does something to intentionally disrupt another survivor, especially while the other survivor is in a chase. e.g "The Jake was sandbagging me so I didn't rescue him."

Scratchy Myers - This refers to a killer playing 'The Shape' using the 'Scratched Mirror' addon. e.g. "I'm playing scratchy Myers."

Spoopy - A nickname given to the survivor items: 'Will O' Wisp' and 'All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox'. Presumably coined due to the resemblance of the term to the word 'spooky' and its related connotations of Halloween. These items were introduced in the 'All Hallows' Eve' event running from 16th October 2017 to 1st November 2017.

Survivor-Stupid/3-Generator-Strategy - A specific setup of generators whereby the final 3 non-repaired generators are within close proximity to one another due to the survivor team repairing generators in the same area of the map only. This situation makes repairing the final generator difficult as the killer can patrol them easily.

SWF - An abbreviation of 'Survive With Friends'. e.g. "They're an SWF team."

Toxic - A term used to describe a gameplay style or action which is frustrating or not fun to play against, particularly as a result of the strategy being powerful. e.g. "That Wraith was toxic."

Tunnelling - When a killer repeatedly goes after the same survivor, especially after that survivor has been rescued from a hook. e.g. "The killer is tunnelling me."

Tea-bagging - Repeatedly crouching as a survivor, typically in order to irritate the killer. e.g. "The survivor team is tea-bagging right now."

5 second rule - The name given to a strategy to counter the killer perk Barbecue and Chili by entering a locker as a survivor gets hooked and counting to 5 before exiting the locker. This ensures that the your aura is hidden from the killer, should they be running the perk. e.g. "Don't forget the 5 second rule."


Baby Killer/Survivor - A generally negative term used to describe a player who is new to a particular role. (suggested by @YaiPa ).

Urban Evader - A survivor who runs the perk 'Urban Evasion' and spends a large portion of the trial aimlessly crouched around the map. (suggested by @YaiPa ).

Blendette - A survivor (namely a Claudette) who priorities stealth over survivor objectives, especially in a way that is detrimental to the team. Typically such survivors wear clothing which helps them blend into the environment (hence the name 'Blend'). (suggested by @YaiPa and @Masantonio )

Selfish Care - When a survivor continues to heal themselves (typically with the perk Self-Care) while another survivor is present and attempting to heal them. (suggested by @Chaotic_Riddle and from @No_Mither_No_Problem )

Bloodlust Gamer - A killer who relies solely on the Bloodlust (speed-boost) mechanic in chases to catch a survivor rather than attempting to mind-game or use their power. Usually used in a negative context to describe inexperienced killers. (suggested by @Chaotic_Riddle and from @No_Mither_No_Problem )

Immersed - A survivor who plays very stealthily, particularly by utilizing tall grass, trees, lockers and other hiding areas around the map. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

M(ouse)1 Killer - A killer who doesn't use their power and instead opts to use the basic attack to injure and down survivors. This term is usually associated with newer and inexperienced killers. (suggested by @Yung_Slug )

Boosted - In general gaming, boosted tends to mean getting assistance from another player in order to level-up. In Dead by Daylight however, 'boosted' is chiefly used to describe a player who is playing poorly, inefficiently or worse than usual. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Skillbilly - A Hilbilly who prioritizes using their chainsaw attack rather than a basic swing attack, especially in a way that is detrimental to their pressure in a chase. (suggested by @Yung_Slug )

Hatch-Game - This term has varied use:

  1. A term used to describe a situation in which the penultimate survivor dies and the killer does not know the location of the final survivor. This causes the remaining two players to have to search for the hatch. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).
  2. Alternatively, a term used when the hatch is spawned on the map but not yet open. This denotes a situation where should all but one of the survivors die, they [the remaining survivor] would have opportunity to escape via the hatch.

Hatch Camping - Refers to a player (typically a survivor) waiting nearby or on top of the hatch until it opens. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Pip (uncommonly, 'pip-point') - A point in rank progression. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Depip - The situation whereby a 'pip' of rank progress is lost. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Double Pip - When 2 pips of rank progress are gained after playing well in a match. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Black/Blank Pip - The state of neither gaining nor losing a pip after a match.

De-ranking - Dropping down to lower ranks, particularly when done intentionally by playing poorly in matches or disconnecting. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Rank Color - Each group of ranks has an associated colour. The lowest rank group is brown; the highest rank group is red.

Hostage Doctor - When a killer playing the Doctor uses the Doctor's power as a tool to stall the game to a point where progress is near impossible. This can be a form of holding the game hostage. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Vommy Mommy - A colloquial name for The Plague. Likely coined due to her association with vomit. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Boop the Snoot - A phrase referring to the action of a survivor pointing at a killer's nose, especially The Pig's nose. (suggested by @Yung_Slug ).

Slug -

  • (Verb) When a killer puts a survivor into the dying state and leaves them there.
  • (Noun) A survivor in the dying state who has been intentionally left on the ground.

Burger King Myers - A non-serious build in which a player takes the role of The Shape with the add-ons Judith's Tombstone and Vanity Mirror. The killer then does not progress past Evil Within Tier 1, meaning they are very slow. (suggested by @Yung_Slug , popularized by YouTuber Monto).

Heavy Smoker Nurse - A non-serious build in which a player takes the role of The Nurse with the add-ons "Bad Man's" Last Breath and Heavy Panting. These add-ons increase fatigue time and provide The Nurse with just one blink. (suggested by @Yung_Slug , popularized by YouTuber Monto).


In Dead by Daylight, it is very common for players to abbreviate the names of items, addons, offerings, characters and, most commonly, perks. The abbreviations follow a similar pattern e.g.

Self Care --> SC

Decisive Strike --> DS

Spirit Fury --> SF

Usually, you'll be able to work out the abbreviation by looking for a perk with a matching name, although sometimes the abbreviations are not as easy to interpret. For example:

Hex: No One Escapes Death becomes NOED and not H:NOED

This is because in the early stages of the game, Hex: No One Escapes Death was not a Hex Perk and was instead therefore just called No One Escapes Death.

Other Hex Perks are usually abbreviated without the H (for Hex:) as well. However, this may cause some confusion. For example:

Hex: Devour Hope is sometimes written as DH, which could be confused with the survivor perk Dead Hard.

Sometimes you'll have to work out what someone means from the surrounding sentence (i.e. the context it is used in).

Some other commonly confused abbreviations are as follows:

MM --> Michael Myers (usually) OR Memento Mori (rarely)

NC --> A Nurse's Calling (sometimes the A is omitted from the abbreviation)

BBQ --> Refers to the killer perk Barbecue and Chili and not to the Scorching Summer BBQ Event

BNP --> Refers to the survivor toolbox addon: 'Brand New Part'


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  • The Dead by Daylight Official Wiki
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  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    I can say with 100% confidence that I didn't read this whole post!

    *Hi Mom!*

  • HozhHozh Member Posts: 84

    I found this extremely useful tbh

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 1,929

    Except lighthouse, which I've never heard, all the others are pretty good. I'd suggest you to add terms like "blendette" or "urban evader", "baby killers/survivors", and maybe others that I can't think of right now.

  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324

    I think toxic should be to describe survivor's behavior towards a killer

    Killer's literally can't be toxic until game chat but I guess they can be by hitting you on the hook or T-bagging with Ghostface every time she hooks you urrgh but more often it's the survivors who are extremely toxic

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 2,132

    I'll be sure to add them although 'Blendette' isn't a term I'm familiar with so it'd be great if you could give me the general idea of what it means.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 2,132

    I think both sides have the potential to display a degree of toxicity. Survivors just have more tools to do it.

    I don't think it would be a fair description to only say survivors are toxic though because I've encountered many situations where killers have been hostile and rude.

    Although I appreciate your input!

  • JustAFeelingJustAFeeling Member Posts: 324

    Well thank you and the definitions are extremely helpful

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 3,145

    A blendette is a Claudette who does nothing but play immersed, likely with the brown or prestiged cosmetics. Basically, an a**hole.

  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,949

    From No Mither, No Problem @No_Mither_No_Problem :

    Selfish Care: The act of continuing to heal yourself with Self Care despite someone else being right there and asking to heal you

    Bloodlust gamer: A Killer who relies on Bloodlust in chases instead of mindgames or counter-rotation.

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,235
    edited September 2019

    "Immersed" should probably be added (Surprised it wasn't considering it's in your name :P).

    Edit: And "Boosted". Perhaps "Milly"/"M1 Billy" ("M1 Killers" in general, too) and "Skillbilly" as well. (Skillbillies try to only use their chainsaw while M1 Billies will go for basic attacks most of the time and mainly use their chainsaw for traversing the map.)

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,235

    I'll list some more as I think of them.

    "Hatch Game" - When the second to last survivor dies and the Killer doesn't know where the other survivor is.

    "Camping Hatch" - When a survivor sits on a hatch and waits for their teammate(s) to die. Could also refer to Killers staying near hatch (particularly Wraith) but that is less common.

    "Pip" - Refers to points in rank progress.

    "Depip" - To lose 1 pip after a match.

    "Double Pip" - To gain 2 pips after a match.

    "Deranking" - Dropping down to lower ranks (particularly when done intentionally).

    "Red Ranks/Purple Ranks/etc." - Refers to different ranges of ranks depending on the color of that rank.

    "Hostage Doc" - When a Doctor uses his power to stall the game for a long period of time, effectively taking the game hostage (usually done with a 3-gen strat).

    "Vommy Mommy" - The Plague

    "Boop the Snoot" - To point at a killer's nose (most commonly refers to doing so to the Pig).

    "Slug" - The act of downing a survivor and leaving them on the ground. Can also refer to said survivor.

    "BK Myers"/"Burger King Myers"/"Fat Myers" - A meme build (joke build) in which Michael Myers uses Judith's Tombstone and Vanity Mirror while staying in Tier 1 to achieve incredibly slow speeds.

    "Heavy Smoker Nurse" - A meme build in which the Nurse uses two add-ons that increase her fatigue after blinking and make her only have 1 blink.

  • ImmersedNurseImmersedNurse Member Posts: 2,132
  • CyrinIketonCyrinIketon Member Posts: 1

    I coudnt find it on the sheet but can some explain what a TNL Wall or does it just mean a Tunneling wall?

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 658
    edited May 2020

    good list! Now I FINALLY know what slugging is! 😁 some more additions:

    • Smurfing: a high-rank player intentionally deranking or having a low-rank alt account, which I just learned about today
    • Juking: which I think is the same as looping, but I've never been sure?
    • Daddy Myers: I'm not entirely clear on this; I think it's just non-seriously playing as Myers and never attacking anyone.
    • Streamsniping: I have no idea what it is, despite it being specifically mentioned in the rules. Maybe it's playing against someone while watching them stream the game on twitch?
    • body blocking can also refer to a healthy survivor getting in between the killer and an injured survivor, or physically pushing the killer away from an injured survivor (unless there's another name for that).
    • Flapping is another term for "hook gymnastics"'; flapping your arms while on the hook to signal to the other survivors that the killer is camping you
    • Suicide: a survivor intentionally getting sacrificed quickly the first time they're hooked by repeatedly attempting escape to run down the meter, and then not attempting to struggle.

    Deprecated jargon:

    • gen tapping is deprecated since Hex: Ruin got changed (yay!)
    • before the Dying Light rework it was derisively called "Camping Light" since it strongly incentivized camping the obsession (at least by me).
    • lag switching: when the killer was the host, lag switching was a hack where the killer player would intentionally make his network connection worse once the game started, to make the match harder for the survivors. Since the game switched to dedicated hosting and the killer is no longer the host, this hack is no longer effective
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  • SunaIIanuSunaIIanu Member Posts: 542

    Apparently there was an error with my answer so I try again in short:

    A L-and-T-Wall is Map tile:

  • amaranthamaranth Member Posts: 8

    Juking is slipping the killer entirely in a spectacular/misdirecting manner. For example, if you’re running Lightweight and the killer stops to break a pallet and you loop around the debris to get right behind him, and your footprints are already gone. I’ve seen people vault and then immediately crouch to throw the killer off when they follow through the window. Basically any time he was right on your tail, whatever you do that allows you to watch him wander off in confusion is a juke.

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