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3.2.1 dissconection bug?

Jonsmith31415Jonsmith31415 Member Posts: 10

hello i am a killer main and was wondering if anyone else has had issues with survivors connecting to you. Almost every game since since the update i have at least one or more dc per game. if more than one person disconnected its at the exact same time. so i am trying to narrow down the cause to see if its on my end or the games end any help is always appreciated thank you.


  • Jonsmith31415Jonsmith31415 Member Posts: 10

    ok so its not just me thank you

  • Homiesexual666Homiesexual666 Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, same. Just logged on today after the recent patch and not a single game as killer where a survivor doesnt DC. I had it before and the GF update fixed it, but it's apparently back, unfortunately. I guess we just have to wait until the next patch to play killer.

  • tellallsecretstellallsecrets Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2019

    I play survivor and five games IN A ROW I have been disconnected. I'm getting super frustrated because literally not a single game tonight have I been able to finish, and now my rank, items, everything is taking a major hit because of the game's bugs. What is happening??? And when will it be fixed, since there's no point in playing until it is???

    I'm playing on Steam, if that matters.

  • Jonsmith31415Jonsmith31415 Member Posts: 10
    edited September 2019

    if you have this issue try validate dead by daylight on steam just to make sure its updated

    *edit never mind

  • SaitamfedSaitamfed Member Posts: 877

    I had an issue. I think it was an issue. Where two killers in a row DC, me being survivor of course.

  • BaysideBayside Member Posts: 40

    Exact same issue. Had this bug for YEARS and was never able to play Survivor, and I always had subpar Killer matches because Survivors in my lobbies would have the same issue. Ghostface update fixed it, now it's broke again. Are we going to continue to have complete radio silence and just me not be able to play with my friend for months on end again? @Peanits @not_Queen Any comments?

  • Jonsmith31415Jonsmith31415 Member Posts: 10

    some people on PC have reported to have fixed it by making sure their PC memory/possessing power would not go past 100% by freeing up space from process that may cause a spike in usage. Have not tested this myself but worth a try

  • Having the exact same problem.

  • Jonsmith31415Jonsmith31415 Member Posts: 10

    to anyone having this problem, trying to narrow it down my self

    please provide following information

    1. Graphics card
    2. antivirus software
    3. on average how many games does this happen
    4. does it happen at a set time,

    thank you,

    1. Nividia
    2. Bit defender
    3. Almost Every game
    4. around 5 min mark for killer/5-10 min mark as survivor
  • HydrogenDemonHydrogenDemon Member Posts: 9

    bro these peoples computers are fine their game was fine before the patch. This is even a problem on ps4.

  • HydrogenDemonHydrogenDemon Member Posts: 9

    same issue.

  • MrTbagFaceMrTbagFace Member Posts: 68

    Yup,just trying to moonwalk and then got kick out of the game with ,, no internet connection'' or just get kicked back to lobby

  • tobisoulstobisouls Member Posts: 4

    @Bayside My situation is identical to yours, couldnt play the game at all for months, it was fixed with ghostface and now it's back again. it really ruins the game especially since it started during double bloodpoints. I've missed the last 3 bloodhunts because of this stupid bug

  • tobisoulstobisouls Member Posts: 4

    @Peanits @not_Queen any updates on this or anything at all? A response of literally any kind would make me feel like i'm not just being completely ignored by the entire community. I've put so much more time into this game than anything else and it means a lot to me. But the way the developers and community managers and support of this game treat the customers that are having real ACTUAL issues is unacceptable and completely unprofessional.

  • ohenohen Member Posts: 13

    same thing happens to me as both survivor and killer if I play killer either at the start or mid way through the match the game can freeze and force dc the survivors BUT I keep the bloodpoints I earned and lose my add ons and offerings same thing with survivor except only I leave and I can see what killer is being played and perks they are using how does a bug like this happen ?

  • EatPastRunFastaEatPastRunFasta Member Posts: 1

    Also having this issue, started last week. Can't play as survivor at all now, I get disconnected with message "A network connection is needed to play". It's no issue with my internet as I can play videos and other games fine.

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