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This is my biggest problem with the game at the moment, every other match i get atleast one survivor rage quit (as killer and survivor this messes the whole match up) my question is this.

Why do we not have a punishment system for players who pause the game and hit the "quit" button in the middle of match. You should have to play a certain amount of low priority games or something to get back to regular lobbies. (Similiar to LoL)


  • beck__beck__ Member Posts: 24

    When dedicated servers come in, they will be able to correctly identify repeat DC behaviour and punish accordingly.

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

    This isn't really a serious competitive game no matter how badly some people like to believe. If people aren't having a good time or it looks like it is headed that way, they leave simple as that.

    Now with dedicated servers, the interesting thing to watch is with all expected bans how low the player base may fall. More likely people will just run to the killer and suicide on first hook. So now kill vs survival rates will get skewed.

    Least killers will have a better chance at the easy 4k's they want.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,331

    They can do this now and have been for some time. DS will bring possible timeouts but right now it's 24, 48, 2w bans.

  • ForgiveMyEngrishForgiveMyEngrish Member Posts: 23

    People keep bring up bans the problem is that people get "d/c'd from host" all the ######### time and it isn't their fault. I get it in games I'm doing good in, in games I'm doing bad in and games that didn't get to go either way yet therefore I lose rank. I literally can't progress in rank because it happens so often it drops me back. In the end I end up getting my time wasted and other people get a harder game because this game is incredibly unstable.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 2,100
  • ForgiveMyEngrishForgiveMyEngrish Member Posts: 23

    Yeah my internet's garbage that's why every other program works fine on a 150mbps connection. It couldn't possibly be that it's a problem many people on the game experience because it had garbage netcode

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