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Anybody know why the Benedict Baker quotes stopped being written?

Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,151

In every chapter Benedict Baker (on of the few non-playable characters) used to give a little section about the new killer, new survivor, and new map. He stopped around the Darkness Amongst Us chapter. Is there a reason, like did Behavior kill him off, or is he stuck somewhere...? Will he be the one to find the Archives...?

I just like reading his input on other survivors, because it tells us what they're like more than any interaction you have in game. It's fascinating to see his take on the different killers, because he tells us that the clown like survivors to be unaware, or that the Pig will give second chances if she wants to... little things like that go a long way. I know it's nothing to most people, but he's one of the few side characters that matter, since he has a quote in almost everything you need to know.


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