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Who do you hate the most to verse?

justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711
edited September 2019 in Polls

This poll is more directed on high level plays (red ranks) because on low ranks it doesn't really matter who you verse since noone can really take full advantage of loops, killer power etc.

That's also the reason why I picked the most viable killers since these are the only killers seen in red ranks. Besides doctor, he is known as being very annoying to verse while being weak.

I personally had to think twice if I hate spirit, Doctor or Freddy the most. I ended up with spirit.

Who do you hate the most to verse? 102 votes

46% 47 votes
11% 12 votes
7% 8 votes
12% 13 votes
4% 5 votes
7% 8 votes
8% 9 votes


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