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New Chapter Idea - The Last Of Us (Clicker, Joel, Ellie)

Dante365Dante365 Member Posts: 3

With The Last Of Us 2 coming out in February, as a bit of cross-promotion (and also because it just sounds awesome) I think adding The Clicker as a killer would be an extremely cool idea. Alongside Joel and/or Ellie as the survivor, I don't see any downside to it, and came up with plenty of ideas to explain and flesh out the idea. (Keep in mind everything could be changed, this is just a concept, also the three values on each perk is that perk's Tier 1, 2 and 3, and were pretty much the first values to come to mind) The idea behind a lot of the survivor perks is to provide more perks that you can completely change your playstyle for. Encouraging teamplay without giving too much to the gen-rushing groups. Also giving more perks that do more than just one thing, making you slightly better at several things instead of specializing in just one, which I think would lead to them being used more often.

Customization- With the Clicker, it's extremely easy. Clickers were once human, so you can give them pretty much any clothing and it is still lore-friendly with The Last Of Us, meaning the Clicker could be a contender for Holiday clothing and everything to that effect. Also The Clicker tends to bite and pummel to attack, similar to the Demigorgon, so it wouldn't need a held item.

With Ellie and Joel it's also fairly simple. They each had at least 3 outfits through-out different parts of the game(from my memory), so those 3, plus a prestige variant, should be more than enough. But they are fairly normal characters so I don't see why they couldn't have more than that. And with TLOU 2 coming out, there'd be a lot more options on the way, especially if they didn't want to do young Ellie.

Clicker Unique Ability- The Clicker has a strange form of perception, being practically blind but extremely sensitive to noise and utilizing echolocation, so the Clicker's main focus would be to locate survivors and pin down their locations. So the Clicker could have a passive ability that visually marks a survivor's location when they land from a high fall, begin searching a chest, scare crows, etc., within a certain range. Then the activate-able power becomes available when chasing a survivor for 3 seconds; the Clicker, driven by its insatiable hunger, enters a frenzy and mercilessly sprints straight forward. This is similar to a Hillbilly's charge(by how you can slightly control the angle), although doesn't instantly down, instead it hits the survivor and infects them(if they aren't put into the Dying state). This infection causes them to cough randomly, triggering the Clicker's passive, and obviously an audible sound. The infection can be easily cured by healing the survivor, but if another injured(and not already infected) survivor comes to heal them, the infection spreads to them as well. And if an infected survivor starts healing within the Clicker's terror radius, the Clicker's passive procs. (Although, this should be only within the terror radius, not the normal larger passive radius, and only when the survivor initially starts healing. Also, the killer is not actually blind while playing, the Clicker being blind is just a lore explanation for the echolocation/perception abilities)

Clicker Add-ons- This is fairly easy and you could get creative with it. Some add-ons could make certain sounds proc the Passive that usually don't. And others could be adjustments to the Frenzy sprint, such as more directional control, more speed, a quicker availability of it, etc. Also some add-ons could make the Infected survivors cough more often, or make the cough audible from further away. There's plenty of options in this category, and the dev's could be very creative.

Clicker Perk 1- Prolonged Exposure; When a survivor that has been wounded for at least 90/75/60 seconds begins any interaction besides healing within 40/65/90 meters, they are revealed to you for 6/9/12 seconds.(Includes them starting to work on a generator, searching a chest, destroying a totem, etc.) "You're lucky you're still drawing breath. That was plan A, B, C, all the way to f***in' Z!"

Clicker Perk 2- Insatiable Hunger; Upon hooking a survivor, gain 1 token, maxing at 5 tokens. For each token, you become more unstable and blood-hungry, giving you 3/4/5% increased recovery time on missed attacks, window vaults, and pallet stuns. "Listen to me — if I get in trouble down there, you make every shot count. Yeah?"

Clicker Perk 3- Merciless Pursuit; When a survivor escapes from you in a chase this perk activates, you become enraged and ruthlessly hunt for new prey, making it more difficult for the next to escape. This makes all blood and scratch marks appear more often and closer together and groans, generator repairs and vaults to be audible from 6/8/10 meters further away. It also decreases the amount of time before each stage of bloodlust activates during the next chase by 2/4/6 seconds. This perk de-activates when you down a survivor, but can then be re-activated if you lose another target. "Find someone else."

Joel Perk 1- Harsh Reality; You've become accustomed to survival. Healing, vaulting and getting into lockers are all 5/10/15% faster. "Tommy saw the world one way, I saw the other."

Joel Perk 2- Mighty Thin Ice; You become obsessed with one other survivor. You spawn with that survivor, and when you're together, you gain 2/4/6% increased generator repair speed, 15/20/25% increased healing speed on each other, and 4/6/8% increased speed when both of you are being chased. Both you and the obsession gain a 15% speed boost for 5 seconds when you take the obsession off of a hook. If the obsession is sacrificed, you become exhausted for 60 seconds, are healed if in the Dying state, cannot be Healthy, and gain a 20/25/30% generator repair and movement speed boost for 8/10/12 seconds. "You have no idea what loss is."

Joel Perk 3- Endure and Survive; When you and at least one other survivor are being chased simultaneously, gain a brief 10/12/15% movement speed boost for 2/3/4 seconds, and leave no scratch marks for 6/7/8 seconds. If another survivor is hit while you are also being chased, gain another brief 8/10/12% movement speed boost for the same amount of time(not activating if the first boost is already active). "And just so we're clear about back there... It was either him or me."

Ellie Perk 1- Never Let Up; Each time you are hit by the killer, gain one token, up to 5 tokens. For each token, you gain 3/4/5% healing speed, 4/6/8% chest search speed, 1/1.5/2% generator repair speed, and can crawl 3/5/7% faster when in the Dying state. You can choose to expend all 5 tokens to perform a single dodge(dead hard) and become exhausted for 60 seconds. "How about 'Hey, Ellie. I know it wasn't easy, but it was either him or me, thanks for saving my a**.'"

Ellie Perk 2- Swear To Me; When within 20 meters another survivor for 25/20/15 seconds, the perk activates, and you gain 5/7/9% movement speed when moving towards that survivor and 5/7/9% healing speed on that survivor and yourself. But if you and that survivor both start being chased at the same time, you gain 5% movement speed when moving away from that survivor, and lose 8/6/4% movement speed when moving towards them. "Everyone I have ever cared for has either died or left me. Everyone - f***ing except for you!"

Ellie Perk 3- Social Firefly; When within 20 meters of another survivor, all survivors in range of you gain 6/8/10% increased crouching movement speed, leave slightly fewer scratch marks when running, and gain 8/10/12% hook sabotage and totem dismantle speed. But you lose the same amount of each stat and leave slightly more scratch marks when the perk isn't activated. "Um... Being by myself. I'm scared of ending up alone."

Thanks for reading!! I hope you enjoyed the idea, I would buy this chapter in a heartbeat if they did create it, and I think it could fit really well into the game. Let me know what you think!


  • Dante365Dante365 Member Posts: 3

    Not sure if anyone else likes the idea cx

    But there's a lot of different ways to do their perks and abilities, and ways all of this could be implemented. I think it would fit in really well though :) Also the Clicker in the games could be un-blinded if shot in the head because it broke off the fungus in front of it's eyes, so the Clicker could have something similar happen that effects its passive range if it gets hit by a pallet stun for example :3

  • Dante365Dante365 Member Posts: 3

    Thank you :)

    Also I had another idea for the survivors and their perks, just to keep things balanced. Since there's getting to be a lot of perks now, they could add a cap to all bonuses that survivors can have, that way gen-rush teamplay perks dont become an overpowered meta, but are just one of many playstyles. Something like a survivor can't have more than a 10% bonus to generator repair speed from perks(so excluding toolbox bonuses). And this can be applied to plenty of things such as movement, sabotage and healing speeds, just to keep everything kinda streamlined, with different balanced values for each of those of course.

    A similar thing can be done for Killer's if need be, although I don't think that Killer's are in need of it as much as survivors could be.

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