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Hallowed Blight: Legion.

Not even going to say anything that suggests what the leaks say on who is getting cosmetics, but I will discuss on who ISN’T.

I can get that there may be a thought process that giving Legion more skins would cause more players to actually play them and see their HUGE flaws, but seriously. It’s been five months since Legion has received any sort of cosmetic. Or any love for that matter! Misspelling of their names, avoidance of any rework suggestions, and the only thing Legion mains have coming to look forward to is their ‘pin rework’, which isn’t major. Aw, sweet! I get to use a BLINDNESS pin! Awesome! Very cool BHVR, thanks. It’s kind of a middle finger, however, towards Legion mains when you notice something within the leaks, suggesting a certain group of Killers are getting a cosmetics, and Legion is ignored as if he never existed with that certain group. But hey, who cares, right? It’s not like anyone actually TRIES to enjoy this Killer or anything..

TL;DR BHVR hates Legion.



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