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Bonus Map Objectives

In an attempt to suggest something that gives Survivors a bit more to do in a game other than generators, how does Map based objectives sound? Each map usually has at least one point of interest that would be interesting if they could be interacted with. I'm not entirely certain what those objectives would be, but some examples:

The Underground Complex - Close the Portal to the Upside Down.

Father Campbell's Chapel - Get your fortune told by Zoltar.

The Temple of Purgation - Open the Tomb.

I'm also not sure if there should only be one bonus objective or multiple, but the idea of bonus objectives would be to give Survivors a fresh objective for each map, and it would help Killers by giving survivors something else to do other than gen rush. Maybe sweeten the deal by giving Survivors a BP bonus for completing them.


  • BazzajackBazzajack Member Posts: 56

    Other than some extra bloodpoints what would actually motivate a survivor to bother with this?

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