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Dedicated Servers Test: Feedback



  • prrrrrrrrrrxprrrrrrrrrrx Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2019

    This is my experience at least every 2nd game.

    Ping is 40ms.

    It is frustrating to say the least.

    Clip 1 & 3 are the pretty obvious ones, getting hit through dropped pallets (and didn't even get a stun). (Slow motion freddy noises)

    At least add a second ping indicator to the game which shows the ping of the killer.

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 207

    Also if your red ranks, your most likely to wait 5-10 mins only to get a 130 ping lobby

  • ZuphestZuphest Member Posts: 14
    edited October 2019

    I live in Sydney, have ~45ping playing solo.

    Long queues playing Survivor, no issues otherwise.

    No issues while playing Wraith and Demo.

    Had two instances of minor rubberbanding after blink playing nurse.

    Myers stalk meter rolls back a little on M2 release making it very hard to 99%

    Overall haven't ran into any major issues

    Also not sure if you've enabled new server locations today or changed the matchmaking algorithm.

    I often play with friends back home in Taiwan, last night (~22 hours ago) I was getting ~300 ping lobbies though it felt like it was around 200 ping in game.

    Today (~4 hours ago) though I've been getting 140 ping lobbies with my mates and I'm loving it. PLEASE keep whatever you've changed today.

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  • Damon22441Damon22441 Member Posts: 30

    Haven't had to dodge a Red connection status, or even Yellow where the ping is greater than 150.

    In game, however, I'd almost think it was the same P2P connection the way Killers still throw their weapons over pallets or happen to lag through them, then sometimes teleport back behind them. Also, the whole "Host Disconnected" thing still makes me think it's not really dedicated, just the matchmaking lobby is.

    The only MAJOR problem I've had is the very rare internet drop that happens every so often, which spans only about about 1.2 seconds, results in the server IMMEDIATELY booting me to the main menu with EAC unable to be loaded (resulting in the application terminating)... something that didn't happen on P2P.

    Maybe increase the timeout duration so stuff like this doesn't happen?

  • SkemoooSkemooo Member Posts: 193

    Its been very postive experience for me. been getting <60ms matchups which i never got before.. most of my pre dedicated server matches were 200+.. now hits seem legit i can make that extra loop and drop pallet without getting hit. I couldnt play as killer as the que times are still long and i dont like waiting.

  • GuiltronGuiltron Member Posts: 142

    I live in South America and where the servers for it are located (São Paulo). Ping-wise, they look great, however I noticed some weird quirks ingame: When carrying an injured person as a Killer, the first swing with your weapon is very jittery and has no audio, and Dead Hard's animation looks like it triggers super fast.

    Bugs aside, the servers surely improved compared to previous tests.

  • bluexbluex Member Posts: 7
    edited October 2019

    Dedicated servers are definitely better than when its first tested. 

    For killer I didn't play much due to how long it takes to find a game and I end up getting a 120 ms ping which feels almost unplayable due to the input lag. I played pig at 115 ms ping and the time it takes to register that I clicked to dash takes awhile, same thing with demogorgen.

    For a survivor side it feels just fine for the most part but it still has its problems like I have been getting hit off the window after fast vaulting way too much.

    Dedicated servers will take alot more testing and I can see it being delayed beyond fall 2019. Its better not to rush it.

    One thing I would like to see is to choose which region to connect to because I wait for a killer lobby for a long time just to get a 120 ms when I can get 96 ms at best.

    Region : Middle East , Ping : 96 ms ~ 125 ms

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    It's why they said they're TESTING them.

    The fact that this instant gratification comment got 18 likes and the actual post about offering feedback got 1/2 says a LOT about the community.

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,510

    Nice, one round of testing something out so that they can FIND THE ISSUES AND WORK ON THEM and you quit.

    You're single, arent you?

  • AvocetAvocet Member Posts: 284


    I'm not even going to comment on you bringing up people's relationship status in a gaming discussion.

    Testing should be done on the test build aka PTB where people won't be wasting their offerings, add-ons and items because of bugs or unplayability.

  • baesikbaesik Member Posts: 25

    Game has been out for 3+ years. This is ABSOLUTELY not the first round of testing lmfaoooo

  • antgnsteaantgnstea Member Posts: 726

    Probably the only thing I love about the dedicated servers is doing skill checks they are so smooth and pretty easy to hit great skill checks.

    For what I can tell synchronization is a problem. When you start an action, it has a little delay on it, causing you to miss your moment and a bit annoying.

    Few issues I encountered:

    After searched a chest, M1 not appears for a time so you can't pick up the item.

    Pallets. There is a second delay when you vault or try to drop the pallet. Space bar doesn't register the press so you get the hit.

    I didn't play as Nurse, but I've played against her. So can't really see whats the complain is about. Because her hit range seemed enormous to me. And she could swing pretty easily without any delays, at least on my screen.

    Vaulting. Similar issues with pallets. There might occur some weird movement while vaulting. Like going backwards after vaulted forward. Also sometimes I can't cancel fast vaulting. Like I stop pressing shift before pressing space but still fast vault. Another issue with vaults is hits through them. Yes killer should be able to hit you but it needs some adjustments. Right now even if killer is no where near the window, can still hit you. It worsens with slow vaults. It is like hit register cone still works the same way, but it shouldn't because you have an obstacle between you.

    Freddy teleportation. After Freddy teleport to a gen, he appears further away from gen and has to turn back to it.

    Clown bottles fly like they have no mass. It is very strange feeling. They used to make you feel the distance. Now I can't tell the distance of the projectiles.

    Spirit's phasing out is so fast, like you are passing by the survivor and not appear where you supposed to do.

    Generally, beginning of an action has a bit delay on them. Gen breaking, unhooking, healing etc.

  • hiChiC Member Posts: 217

    The servers were choppy and felt bad betweem 5p and 7p eastern US time last night. I've played some games this morning and they're noticeably better, presumably because it's not peak hours. Similar problem that a lot of other multi-player games have; server performance takes a dip during peak hours.

  • TheBuddoTheBuddo Member Posts: 21

    An amazing experience thus far! Every match has been between 40 to 60 ping and it feels no different than what it was before or better in some cases.

    Hopefully dedicated servers will be activated on console soon as that is where some of my friends play. All of them can't wait for them to come to PS4.

  • GravnosGravnos Member Posts: 105

    Play as the Plague to get a real feel for servers. The vomit goes straight through them without registering very often, corrupt in particular.

  • SkullSkull Member Posts: 10

    I've been playing this game avidly for two years now. The last change to matchmaking though has broken my group. I play with two consistanly rank 1 players I'm 8-9 and we have a few teens. Of course the ranks ones are the ones who play most. With the killers always being one now though the rest of us just get murdered. Like dead before a generator is complete levels of stomping. The game is no fun anymore. So we've basically stopped playing. They need to make it an average. There shouldn't be a time where the game is encouraging people to not want to play because of the skill gap.

  • JephKaplanJephKaplan Member Posts: 308

    The dedicated servers are much better than the first time we tried them on the otb before stranger things. On live atm Q times are alot better for killers which is always good, the ping is good and stable i haven't had ping above 150 in my experience. Only issues are the hitboxes feel much worse, and on killers like Plague and Huntress theres a huge delay when vomiting/throwing a hatchet, and on Pig when you use the ambush she roars twice and theres also a delay on that. I've heard Myers goes in tier 3 twice too, but can't confirm since i haven't tried it myself. Overall the connections are good tho, just hitboxes and delay on the killer's powers.

  • Tod_Der_LügeTod_Der_Lüge Member Posts: 8

    Is this a joke? was playing wraith and copped constant rubberbanding I'm in VIC Australia and connecting to the server you have hosting at the moment is utter trash.

    Fix your game up, it gave grief to the survivors I was playing against too as I alt tabbed to fix the game up by checking ports etc, they were able to escape finally when I alt tabbed back in and moved.

  • VanillaCokeVanillaCoke Member Posts: 9

    I mostly liked the Servers WAY more than the last time I tried them on the PTB :)

    Window Hits however still seem to be a bit wonky.

    What I noticed is a lot of Killers missjudging the Situation:

    Back on P2P their latency made them hit stuff that shouldnt have been hit and now since this is way more balanced they deem it bad because they got sooo used to not having any latency while survivors have. But i guess this is not so easy to understand.

  • SurvivorMainSurvivorMain Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2019

    Honestly, they are perfect. I have had horrible peer to peer games in the past where lagging would make the game unplayable and unfair for both sides. The dedicated servers have given the games slid latency throughout the 30+ games I've played on them. No more lag switching killers 😀! Keep up the good work. This game was a headache before dedicated servers honestly. I am sure killer mains won't be happy that they can't lag and get phantom hits on survivors now. If you can, try and improve the detection of hacking. Because it ruins the game for the rest of us. It feels like 1 out of 12 games I fight against a hacker killer. Work on that and punish DC players that give up in first 3 minutes of a game. It ruins the game for the rest of the team. Lots of love for BHVR. See you in the fog. Also want to mention short queue times for rank 5 survivor.

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  • talintintalintin Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2019

    I think the sever still abit lag but it's okie.. it better then before and still slow down find a match a little bit :( [me and my party are in rank1-4]

  • PotEtUPotEtU Member Posts: 44

    Worked like a charm. No problems with ping and hitboxes whatsoever. One problem i had was that i continuously matched against rank 1 and 2 survs while being a rank 12 killer

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,848

    Experienced my first real issues last night. My ping last night hovered around 110ms despite being 50ms one day prior. I should mention I'm on a 1gb down/100mb up fiber connection. Best case scenario in the US. As the Plague, survivors would make the "Ah!" sound as if they got hit with Vile Purge, but there were multiple instances where they didn't get infected despite giving the audio cue that they got hit. I'm pretty experienced with the Plague, and it seemed as though it was taking twice as long for survivors to get fully broken. As others have alluded to, the tick rate of the servers seems way too low. I had to press space bar twice every time I went to break a generator as killer. My lunges randomly failed to lunge. That's the best way I can describe it. I would hold M1 to lunge and my killer would do a short swipe. Again, I probably have the best internet connection available. I can't imagine what others are experiencing. Release the battlepass, generate more revenue, and release the dedicated servers when you have the budget to do them right. It is going to be more costly to lose players because you released broken dedicated servers on a shoestring budget. I get that everyone is trying their best, but this game wouldn't be alive today if it orginally released with servers in this state.

  • ProtectDwightProtectDwight Member Posts: 46
    edited October 2019

    I've played several matches now and playing as killer feels pretty good, however as survivor it's horrible. Killers can swing and you hear them completely miss and 2 seconds after you suddenly get hit. Huntress hatchet hitboxes are even worse, where it looks like I completely dodge the hatchet and 1-2 seconds after I get hit by "nothing". All ping have been green (50-60) and it feels like you're playing on a 200 ping and up regarding the hitboxes.

  • some random disconnects and getting immediatly trapped after placing the trap as trapper

  • MJ_OutMJ_Out Member Posts: 133

    Im satisfied with the servers ight now. I had maybe 6-7 matches as surv and killer and had only green ping. One time I stucked a little bit at hooking someone, but it didn't affect my gameplay.

  • ShisemiShisemi Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2019

    I played matches both as survivor and killer. Survivor side feels good enough, the only issues so far are traps that suck you into them and messy hitboxes but they were always bad anyway.

    Killer on the other hand...

    • Trapper is stepping in his own traps immediatelly after he places them even if I try to step back as soon as I can
    • Wraith cloaks and uncloaks with noticable delay (if at all); I had a game with The Serpent, after destroying a pallet he got stuck in a state where he couldn't fully uncloak, couldn't cloak either and couldn't hit survivors because he was "busy"
    • I noticed kind of choppines while performing actions like grabbing someone out of the locker/pallet/gen, sometimes animation stops completly and survivor is free to go
    • I get stuck on invisible obstacles all the time - trees feels wider than normal, walls are longer, I hit things that shouldn't be there. Very hard to stalk survivor standing close to obstacles, almost like they're already "hidden" on their end so game doesn't let killer see them either
    • Anything other than M1 hits just feels slow and inaccurate in general

    Not to mention matchmaking that gives me random red/purple rank survivors (not in SWF, just a sole rank 5 or 4) even though I'm still green.

    I will take any amount of lagging killers and teleporting survivors that come with killer being a host, I just want to be able to use killer's power again.

  • JaKobe0000JaKobe0000 Member Posts: 4

    I can't play with my friends and when i ready up i don't go with them then it says they are in match idk if it D Servers problems or somethings else please fix.

  • JetTheWaffleCatJetTheWaffleCat Member Posts: 268

    While the major Huntress issues are fixed, the hatchets still feel awful. Hatchets going through survivors is more common from what I can see and they hit when they look like they shouldn't. They feel better than they use to, but they still need quite a bit of polishing.

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