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so, im on a "hit list" apparently

SparkyPrickSparkyPrick Member Posts: 6

This is probably the most enjoyable survivor salt out of my like 800 hours or something of playing this game. I thought I should post it here because it's just that damn good.

So, before I get into this, I decided to save and upload a video clip of the game. Here's the link for that. (Starting at 10:32 onward is me just letting the last survivor live):

Now, for the good stuff. Here's the short message exchange between me and this fine gentleman:
1.) https://imgur.com/a/YsAjdUc
2.) https://imgur.com/a/ZNeL7qH
3.) https://imgur.com/a/eaEifAc

Since Playstation doesn't allow recording outside of your games, I'll have to quote what was said in the voice message: "Yeah, that's your skill level? That's the only way you can get kills, is by camping and tunneling people? Well, you're gonna get the same treatment man, everybody in our community that sees your name on the hit list, every time they play killer, you will be the one and only target. Enjoy playing survivor bi-"

Honestly the best salt I've ever gotten. This almost deserves an award.
I'm intrigued by this "hit list". If anyone knows what he's talking about, please link it. I wanna see this ######### for myself lol.


  • TohmoTohmo Member Posts: 247

    I think I know who that one downvote is..

  • Mike_KarmanMike_Karman Member Posts: 28

    @almondbutter said:
    I think I know who that one downvote is..


    No, but seriously, I need to see this hitlist, too. Am I on it? How to get off it? And how much is the fish?

  • MorimeMyersMorimeMyers Member Posts: 6
    I play on PS4 and I know theres a survivor who plays on there that has a list of people in their about me that is people they won't play with/will DC on because they think they are "trash". Not sure if it's the same as this 'infamous' hit list, but there sure are some salty people out there :p
  • RjainRjain Member Posts: 7

    There is no hit list. That guy probably cried himself to sleep after sending that.
    I play on PS4 and I think I’ve encountered that dude before. He’s as awful as he sounds.

  • BintBint Member Posts: 60

    A hitlist?! Ha, that's awesome!

    I love salt!

  • MikeOxlong40ozMikeOxlong40oz Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2018

    The "hit list" is an actual thing, there's close to 400 players on that list it seems.

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  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,068

    @MikeOxlong40oz said:
    The "hit list" is an actual thing, there's close to 400 players on that list it seems.

    He's going to run out of people to play with very fast then.

  • MikeOxlong40ozMikeOxlong40oz Member Posts: 7

    @powerbats This so called "hit list" has been displayed in at least two PS4 Dead By Daylight communities. From what i can tell, if people playing killer see names from that list in their lobby, they will specifically target that individual during the match. Funny yet creative. Amusing actually. lul

  • powerbatspowerbats Member Posts: 7,068

    Ok that's hilarious and I thought it wa a survivor list to bm killers.

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