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Some of the outfits are great and some maybe a little P2W

ShadoureonShadoureon Member Posts: 493

Before you read further I want you to know that I dont play the PTB because I am farming Blood Points on the normal servers to save up for the new Survivor so everything below is a assumption on what I have seen in pictures. So I really hope for peoples opinions who do play the PTB and can confirm or better deny my assumpions :)

I am worried that the new David King skin with all black parts will make him harder to spot can anyone on the PTB give me their thoughts on how they felt playing as or against David using this skin?

I also had the same worries about the all black Nurse skin but then thought on how the Doctor already got one and I didnt feel like it was harder for me to notice him coming my way so based on that I am not worried when I play against Nurses using that skin. Heartbeats warn me anyway.

This beeing said heres some more opinions:

Meg has 2 amazing skins and I am thinking of buying the middle green one where she has short blonde hair. I really like it!
Jake now looks like hes about the 1v1 any Killer! His skins are great!
I am a bit underwhelmed by both Nea's and Feng's skins. I hope we get a kawaii Feng skin! Yes im a weeb :p
I dont think I will buy any Killer skins since I dont see them ingame anyway but boy the Wraith one is amazing!


  • BarpleBapkinsBarpleBapkins Member Posts: 36

    Well it doesn't really matter if the clothes are too bright or too dark, buying a cosmetic doesn't make the game P2W. You can prestige any character and they're noticeably darker and tend to blend in better in darker areas because the dark blood on their skins and clothes makes them harder to spot. Most characters have their own variety of either darkened or lightened clothing, and you can buy most of the shop items with just iridescent shards, so you don't have to pay too much money to get everything you want, you just have to play.

  • ShadoureonShadoureon Member Posts: 493

    Yeah I guess you are right, I didnt think of the Blood Shards part.

  • 51uk4y51uk4y Member Posts: 32

    I think there’s also a black shirt for Claudette, that’ll be quite hard to spot too.

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