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Spasmodic Breath

All in all I think The Nurse changes are fine but might need some little buffs to her once she’s been properly tested but there’s one thing out of all of the changes that bothers me, Spasmodic Breath.

“Spasmodic Breath 

  • Hitting a survivor with a successful blink attack disables the ability to blink and increases The Nurse's base movement speed to 4.6 m/s for 60 seconds.”

This add-on makes it so the nurse will become an M1/R2/whateverXboxuses killer (sorry to any Xbox users that get offended by this, I can’t remember what the button is called for Xbox controllers). The Nurse will become a killer similar to trapper when taking this add-on except for the fact that if she uses her power successfully she’ll then lose it. She won’t gain anything and I actually kinda consider it mostly a hindrance since you’ll be looped easier than trapper.

I think that instead of outright disabling her blink ability Spasmodic Breath should remove 1 blink charge when it activates, lower the maximum number of blinks to 1 and increase the cooldown for her blinks to return, by about 9 seconds or more so that it takes at least 12 seconds (really 9.5 seconds since the recharge happens on fatigue start and not fatigue end). This way she can still blink in a chase and if she misses the survivor has a way to escape while still including the add-ons main purpose of allowing her to catch up to survivors quicker when not blinking.

If anyone sees a problem with my idea and/or can think of a better solution please say so since I really hope the devs change this add-on and the more ideas the better chance of getting it changed to something that’s not what it is now.


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