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Nurse with Constant Terror Radius

I played multiple games against the Nurse and I had terror radius or chase music 100% of the time.


  • peanutman14peanutman14 Member Posts: 5

    it is not just nurse with the constant terror radius I had it happen with spirit

  • plattystuplattystu Member Posts: 1

    Yep constant terror radius here too , ptb really unplayable with it lol

  • kizzazzkizzazz Member Posts: 11

    yea its not just nurse! its evry killer! i have had that bug vs a nurse, spirit, whrait, and a doctor now! and its not the terror radius in it self! you just have a constant LOUD heart beet! going on all the time! and its so loud that i normaly play on 50%volum. but i have turnd down to 3% and its still stupid Loud!

  • Infinity_BoredInfinity_Bored Member Posts: 416

    It happens with every killer.

    This is very annoying. I had it happen in 90% of my games.

  • PatBrutalPatBrutal Dev, Community Manager Posts: 567
    edited October 2019

    Hello everyone,

    We have mentioned a couple of known issues in the 3.3.0 patch notes like these:

    • Chases are not triggered or maintained while Killers are under the Undetectable status effect.
    • Terror Radius can affect players outside of the maximum range. Please report cases of this issue, providing information regarding players Loadouts, including the Killer.
    • When Tinkerer activates Survivors hear chase music as if the Killer were right next to them.

    any specific information will help us, thank you!

  • magentakatmagentakat Member Posts: 1

    Times this has occurred for me:

    (Note--both times were on the same map, the coal mine map for McMillan. I'll try to screenshot loadouts from now on when this happens to make this easier.)

    1. Facing the Spirit, constant chase music/loud terror radius at all times starting from game start (circling view around player) until downed. Resumed after unhooked, stopped again when downed again. Did not notice any use of tinkerer. Another survivor said they were experiencing the same issue.
    2. Facing the Nurse, all terror radius and chase sounds normal until near end of match after EGC timer had started and I was in the exit zone. Think it started around the time another player was hooked.
    3. Another survivor mentioned having this issue on Mt. Ormond, against another nurse. No tinkerer's, no one else (including myself) had or said they had the sound issue there.
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