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Sound is bugged

ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,200

For one you can't or can just barely hear gens that have been worked on through walls. Walls seem to completely block the sound of gens. Was very noticeable in the game map.

Also, the heartbeat can not be heard most of the time, only the music getting louder the closer the killer gets. I also had one match where I started and immediately had the chase music playing, and it played during the entire match. Other matches, the chase music started once I got unhooked for the first time and then played during the rest of the match.


  • phantasmalphantasmal Member Posts: 144

    Also the chest searching phase is completely silent, even the ambient environmental sounds are muted as well, at least from the survivor's perspective.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,200

    Ah good to know, didn't realize that. Honestly this feels like one of the most bugged ptb's I've experienced so far. Nurse also has some really weird bugs going on with her.

  • GenerasuGenerasu Member Posts: 1

    Had a game against the nightmare, from start of game the chase music was playing, not the first time this happened so i just went with it, the moment i fell asleep the sound became so unbearably loud, i had to take my headphones off, even when volume was put to 1 ingame the sound was still unbearable.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,200

    Really? Crazy, they really screwed up the sound in this ptb. As long as nothing of this gets into the live version though.

  • Kees_TKees_T Member Posts: 687

    As a survivor, If you move your camera up to the maximum you can, you can hear the noise of people repairing the generator but you can't hear the generator actual progress sound.

  • PatBrutalPatBrutal Dev, Community Manager Posts: 567
    edited October 2019

    Hello everyone,

    in the patch note we mentioned some known issues and some of them are related to the audio like :

    • Chases are not triggered or maintained while Killers are under the Undetectable status effect.
    • Terror Radius can affect players outside of the maximum range
    • When Tinkerer activates Survivors hear chase music as if the Killer were right next to them.

    If you find anything else, let us know with as many information as possible :) <3

    Thanks for your help everyone.

  • CoolerBleendCoolerBleend Member Posts: 19

    There seems to be a bug with the Terror Radius where, mostly with the Spirit from my experience, after they use their power the Terror Radius becomes infinite and acts as if they're right behind you.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,200

    If it's the same problem I had, than it's with every killer. I'm pretty sure it was the chase music I got to hear the entire time.

  • KhroalthemadbomberKhroalthemadbomber Member Posts: 1,071
    edited October 2019

    That two story house on Badham with the generator up top? Standing directly beneath it, you can not hear A:) the sounds of the generator in general, B:) the sounds of a survivor working on said generator, and C:) the sound of an injured Survivor. It wasn't until I crested the very top of the stairs that I hear any of it.

    Also while on a hook next to a tall wall, if I manipulated my camera around so it faced said wall, it actually muted the generator that was running on the opposite side of it.

  • GrimbergothGrimbergoth Member Posts: 293

    This is ptb so PC of course . Was playing and right off the bat here comes the killer , I duck and cover and he passes me by . made my way to a totem and was working on it and he comes back , I crouched and moved away when he got close enough but I interrupted the totem break . For the remainder of the game I had a heartbeat playing as if he was right there . The next game I loaded in with the same heartbeat going and some music I didn't recognize . The third game same as second , after that I closed program and I had other things to do until now so I haven't been able to go back to see if it fixed .

  • casedistortedcasedistorted Member Posts: 58

    From what I've seen the generators you cannot hear through walls which I hope is unintended because what is the point of Technician then if the killer can't hear generators through walls anyway in half of the maps.

    Also yes, there is no sound while digging through chests so that seems like something that should be fixed.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535
    edited October 2019

    I couldn't hear footsteps, gens, or injured survivors if I were not RIGHT next to them. I also did not get the alert for loud noises. Couldn't get anything going with no info.

    I really hope these are bugs cause if not, well Killer will be a nightmare.

    I was Legion in underground complex. I could have a survivor right behind me and hear nothing.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,200

    Of course it's unintended. Walls shouldn't block off all sounds. I heard it also blocks of the sounds of injured survivors.

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 836

    Literally the entire sound is broken.

    TR playing full blast at roundstart, TR being music only with no heartbeat, chest searching being silent, certain sounds playing when they shouldn't or not playing when they should, etc.

  • casedistortedcasedistorted Member Posts: 58

    Well I'm glad that it's so obviously unintended. With the changes they're making in this PTB it's hard to tell what's unintended and what is intended.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    .... Well between the sound issues and literally every survivor i've played being toxic... I think i'm done with PTB.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,177
    edited October 2019

    Also had the chest making no sound, although I can't say if this is just survivor sided or the killer can't hear it either. Someone knows from killer side?

    Myers tier change sounds are messed up, but I can't remember exactly which way. Either he went up to tier 3 or down to tier 2, then both sounds for reaching tier 2 and reaching tier 3 were played.

    I didn't hear me wiggle while carried by the killer.

    OT: I think the GF chapter was worse :) Here are a lot of bugs yes, but the only broken bugs I know so far is that the nurse turns invisible or gets stuck during hooking when using the addons changing movement speed. No perks broken like WakeUp increasing ALL actions by 15% throughout the whole game. Mainly a huge bunch of sound bugs (although the TR bugs are pretty game breaking as well)

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