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eleven could get the survivors out of the world of the entity?

Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,062

I say that with the entry of stranger things to dbd at least a piece of st lore can enter dbd no ?, here we go!

suppose that steve and nancy disappear, the wheeler family is mourning believing that nancy died, mike asks eleven if he can find out, then raise by means of a photo of nancy tries to find her, but at the beginning ... nothing, that will gives 11 reasons to tell Mike that his sister is gone, then miraculously eleven finds Nancy but in a very degraded state of health ... on a hook...but alive .

from this there are 4 possibilities:

1- eleven can do nothing and can only see Nancy suffering for eternity.

2-the entity realizes the presence of eleven and takes it to his kingdom, the entity looks at the potential of eleven and tries to corrupt it to make it a new killer.

3-Eleven successfully created a portal of the world of the entity taking out his friends and other people in the town of Hawkins but with a very high price ... the killers are also free.

4-As eleven can not fight against the entity, it attracts the mindflayer to fight each other mutely and take advantage to take out their friends and other survs, the killers will be very busy helping the entity against the army of demogorgons and demodogs.

which destination did you like the most?

Do you have any other to share?

did you like my fan story?


  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 756

    this is rly interesting, but since the entity is supposedly a "god" i would say that eleven stands no chance and can't interfere, so i would say the 1st option is more likely

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,062

    @Hag.is.Dtier maybe not this time ;(

  • I mean it is possible for her to open a portal to the entitys since shes done it when she saw the demogorgon. His power can also be overruled even inside his own realm as recently shown with the observer so itd depend on if 11 is strong enough to overrule his power within his own dimension. I mean she can access peoples memories and thats what the artifact the observer uses does but getting survivors out of the entitys world sounds to complicated

  • ShraarShraar Member Posts: 219
  • RattmanRattman Member Posts: 1,048

    Technically, we shouldn't view ST dlc as canon. Season 4 is coming, y'know?

    But, well, IF this crossover was canon...

    I don't think, that Eleven could overpower the Entity. I mean, Entity can travel through time and alternate realities. And resurect the dead. Honestly, I don't think anybody is able to overpower the Entity, anyway.

    Can Eleven locate Steve and Nancy? Probably. But can she create a portal to Entity's realm to rescue them? Don't think so. Entity's realm is really weird geographically. There is a campfire, there is a Macmillan Estate, Ormond... But how they connected to each other?

    And also, there is some strange things happening with time. And, probably with alternate realities. I mean, 4 Steves are possible.

  • Walker_of_the_fog_96Walker_of_the_fog_96 Member Posts: 1,062

    @Rattman great theory, i like it👍!

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,360

    I'd find it more likely that Eleven straight up wouldn't find the Entity.

    Would be a cool fanfic if you wrote it out all the way anyways tho.

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