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Early Nurse impressions

So I've played a few matches of survivor against her. I also played her twice, but I suck so badly with her so I can't really gain valuable information by playing her. I've also watched others play her already.

Honestly, from what I've seen though, she seems pretty fine. Still strong but not op with barely counterplay. And I am happy with that. Survivor players need to be taken into account as well. One thing I've noticed is that if you swing as Nurse after blinking, your recharge already starts at the beginning of the swing, so when the fatigue ends, you have to wait like about one second before you've got your two blinks back. I really don't see how these extremely short recharge times for her blinks are supposed to ruin her. It simply allows survivors to have more time to break line of sight and actually have some counterplay.

I feel like maybe she will need one small change before she hits live. Either her recharge time could be reduced to 2.5 seconds per blink, so survivors can't gain quite as much distance on Nurse after she double blinks. Or, and I think I would prefer this, now that her blinks have a small recharge time, buff her movement speed from 96.25% to 100%.


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