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A slight change to Nurses new Base-kit

FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,251
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Hear me out, having Nurses base-kit at 6 seconds flat for both blink charges (-2 if you factor in that the fatigues beginning has the the first blink charge) is a good idea in theory, but to practically use it as someone who isn't a pro with Nurse is punishing and not rewarding.

What I suggest below is two changes, to either be considered for both to be added, or just one... and these changes seem pretty reasonable and still follow suit with the original idea of the base-kit change.

a blink charge time change

I suggest a change to this blink charge times, to reflect a more realistic approach... For one, if you combine both add-ons that reduce the blink charge speed, it's almost like the base-kit never changed... but to have both slots be taken up by those two add-ons to make the base-kit less... punishing... isn't the way to go.

what I suggest here, is that we change the 6 seconds for 2 total blink recharges, to a bit above the double add-on combo... but below the original post-basekit. For example, it's 6 seconds for two total blink charges (In a chase its 4 cause of fatigue) and with both the charge reduction add-ons the time it takes is changed to 4.5 seconds total (That's 2.5 seconds after the regular fatigue ends, meaning the first blink is already done after fatigue is over and the next will take 2.5 seconds.)

Testing this for 3 matches each with and without these add-ons has shown that with the add-ons the base-kit is almost the same as when it once was during pre-patch with a brief 1 second interval to finish up the last blink charge. what I suggest is that we change the post-basekit to instead be from 6 seconds total... to 5 seconds total instead.

a small change I know, but the reduced second really does matter within a chase... and since fatigue already takes 2 seconds off the first charge, the overall time for the next blink to completely finish would be 3 seconds rather than waiting on 1 for the first to finish than continuing to the 2nd for 3 more seconds...

This 1 second reduction would really make playing her less punishing, and both add-ons can be something brand new on their own, as that 1 second reduction would make it pointless for those add-ons to exist anymore afterwards.

also, another thought for her base-kit.

charging blinks when using a blink mid-chase

So, when within a chase I noticed when you hold down a blink when only 1 has been charged, the 2nd doesn't charge all together... if the first suggest above isn't approved than the 2nd one here would help a lot during a chase and make it less of a headache for people who're not pro with her...

All I suggest here, is that during a mid charge to use that 1st blink that was finished, the 2nd one is within mid-charge while you hold down the blink you're charging to use on a Survivor... to make this less of a tongue twister, you'll normally let the 2nd charge finish while you're about to charge your 1st blink to blink towards another Survivor if that makes sense...

It would let you have the other blink be available, while also giving room for Survivors to breath because of how the base-kit operates with the 6 second intervals for both blinks to finish recharging... During a mid blink however and when the first blink has finished, the charging stops and unless the charge was finished, you can't use the blink like normal since it wasn't finished...

so if the first suggestion doesn't take, the second one would make her more viable for average to not so great Nurses...

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  • lucassfpalucassfpa Member Posts: 13

    I agree that your additions should be reviewed.

    No need to tinker with her base power, she was fine, especially since she is an extremely hard-to-play killer that requires a large number of hours to learn.

    Dead hard, urges heals, BT, MoM at high levels will really be OP against the nurse.

    A good SWF can defeat any killer. Now with even less effort.

    Giving up one of the only viable killers at the top, to compensate for the lack of game planning, is not a good idea, it will only make the game less competitive.

    Great survivors need big challenges, and if a nurse with their base power can beat the swf, that just means this player is better.

    Reworking your addon's was enough.

  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    leave the base power as it always was, please change only the add-ons, please don't spoil hours of training with the nurse.

  • Boaris030Boaris030 Member Posts: 128
    edited October 2019

    The thing I do dislike the most, is the fact preparing another blink cancels the recharge of your blink. I’d be pretty okay with the changes she has if her recharge could do that.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,251

    Anything that works within the change but makes it more bearable for people that don't have thousands of hours into her...

    Cause I don't due to me forcing myself not to git gud with her to rely on her as a crutch, so I can play average at best, at worse terrible. And the way the power is right now really does punish Nurses that're not pro.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,243

    I agree with your changes, especially with the gaining another blink while charging. That would keep most of her flow intact while still nerfing her. Sorry "slightly" changing her.

  • empathempath Member Posts: 35

    Cooldown cannot happen. Base kit must remain un touched, shes too weak otherwise.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,251

    The base-kit was changed to give Survivors that're not coordinated (Aka not the best players...) or Survivors that're not in a SWFs a chance to Survive...

    The way she is structured goes against all mechanics the game has, and that's why it was changed to give people a better chance.

    What I suggested gives a boost to the new base-kit without removing that concept of change... The cooldown is a lot faster, and is more practical in a chase for Nurses that're not pros and can't down a Survivor within 4 or 3 blinks of half a minute of a chase...

    It punishes newer Nurses, or nurses that're not as good as the pros... So this change would definitely help those players out just a bit. Since the charge reduction add-ons make it almost like the base-kit change never happened... so instead of 4.5 seconds they'd just make it 5 seconds without those add-ons... It would have those add-ons be changed to something more useful, while also being 1 second less than the current base of 6 seconds total for 2 total blink charges...

    And since 4.5 seconds makes it almost like the base-kit change never happened when both add-ons are active... 5 seconds just increases it by 0.5 seconds... so it's at a middle ground rather than... not being rewarding if you can't play her.

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