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Nurse nerf is severe, for a reason you might not suspect

I’m a dedicated Nurse main who has had the chance to play quite a bit on the PTB today. Here are my thoughts:


Although the nerfs certainly don’t help, her chase potential is still very strong. People like myself who didn’t use many addons will be fine because Nurse is still able to end chases fast.


Terrible. Her iridescent addons are literally worthless and do nothing to help her, and most of her other add ons are good only for memes or BP. The range addons are okay but will be in short supply. Her best addons will be the reduced charge time combo. Although omegablink needed an adjustment, her addons were undoubtedly better before this rework killed them.

Map control

This is undeniably the most affected part of her game. Nurse’s map control, without range addons, has always been overrated, but it is now terrible. By the time Nurse reaches a gen that’s away from the hook, she will have used all two blinks and will then have nothing to chase down the survivor that may be in the area. The worst killers in the game (wraith, clown) are bad because they lack map control. Although Nurse is still much better than them in the chase, the end result of this will be that Nurse will have very little incentive to go far from a hook, which means more camping.

Conclusion: this patch is bad for Nurse and will ultimately be bad for the game. Survivors who are rejoicing, I would strongly reconsider. You will ultimately not like the changes if this version of Nurse goes live.

TLDR: prepare to be camped, Nurse is no longer top.

@Patricia @Peanits


  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    .... well then... that's alot of sodium.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,182


    Its like most people forget that double blinks are her primary means of map traversal.

    (There are also people expressing concern survivors might outrun her blink distance now)

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    Juking nurse feels way too easy now. On any big map she is no longer a real threat at least from what i have played against so far.

    Considering you get portable BT i doubt nurse will be able to keep up with optimal survivor play at all.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,084

    Her map pressure is still damn good, better than most killers. I don't believe it will hurt her enough to make her unviable at high ranks. Coupled with her great chase potential, she will still be really strong.

    Also, map reworks are a thing. And I'm gonna guess devs will also make maps smaller when reworking them. It's only logical that devs would want to nerf the strongest killer in the game when map reworks are also on the way.

  • ASAPTurtleASAPTurtle Member Posts: 968

    It's not salt it's just another post trying to make the Nurse change seem more worse than it really is.

  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 861

    Dude, watch Monto. The charge time for the nurse blinks are almost negligible. Although he did showcase that one of the add-ons is broken.

  • jorklejorkle Member Posts: 15

    I mean, now there is a chance for other killerd to have the limelight so high ranks arent just OP nurses.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,100
    edited October 2019

    I also have a totally different opinion. No map control? I mean the recovery starts beginning with the fatigue, so there is really not much delay to regain one blink, and as there is a higher fatigue after 2 blinks I also used and experienced several one blinks to travel the map. That would be more common now.

    Chases will be a bit harder but still strong. Base mechanic is still there but you have a bit more time to break LOS which is the most efficient counter to her (I think). So this blink recovery really pulls her away from OP if handled perfectly in my opinion. Which on the other hand makes her even harder to learn for new nurse players, as you are even stronger forced to do good blinking, or you will lose the survivor.

    The previous addons were all bulls, ruining your muscle memory in almost all directions, as there was almost no addon without a drawback. The only worth using was the pocket watch + tooth as the tooth negated the negative effect of the pocket watch and the reduced fatigue is the only change that does not affect the blink itself.

    And then omega blink of course, you need to learn the new distance but the "precision" was not really a thing and learning this was worth it as the result is OP.

    The other addons seem fine to me. The two addons to reduce fatigue don't have negative effects, the two recovery speedups make a total of 4 addons that help new players to deal with her weakness. Especially the stuff like undetectable is something new to the playstyle and effect than just scaling variables up and down.

    There is only the "morph into a powerless normal speed killer after a blink hit" addon which seems stupid to me. Can't say who wants to play this. I can play Legion when I want easy first hits and ignore my power after that. Especially, as downing survivors with a blink hit really seems like a hard nerf with that addon.

  • 607rez607rez Member Posts: 2

    im surprised at how many people think this ruins nurses and puts her into f tier. if you can't catch someone with 2 blinks, yeah.. this is going to be a nurf.

    by the time you use your 2 blinks, finish your fatigue you already have 1 blink back and by the time you finish your charge to blink your 2nd blink is back.

    I don't understand the BP add ons though, like you have the add ons to slightly change the base kit not to turn into a bp hog. there was the one add on for a half blink forward, that should come with a full blink add on as to not waste a full blink charge imo (for a total of 2.5 blink distance) . other than that I felt most of the add ons were useless and would rather run her add on-less than with some of those.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,100

    @607rez There are several killers which give you power nerf for bloodpoints, like chainsaw and bear traps. This is just for pros I guess for some nice grinding, so nothing to worry about (?)

    And I think when charging, the blink recovery is paused, right? So you would have to wait around 3.5 sec to do another double blink

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,252

    You get overly punished for missing and hitting survivors now. If they can break LOS and enter an area with lots of walls it can take ages to find them if you have to constantly be saving your blinks so if you do find them they don't just repeat the whole process.

    A middle ground is slow the cooldown to 50% normal speed while charging a blink. Still increases time between blinks but isn't nearly as punishing and actually makes blinking feel rewarding again. PTB Nurse feels like you get punished for everything you do if you aren't micromanaging your blinks properly.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 599

    How does she have good map pressure? Her base blinks don’t have enough distance to cover a map, and then she’s stuck walking as the slowest killer in the game. This gives the survivor ample time to hide or run before Nurse can spot them and even attempt to blink at them.

  • Thanatos_xThanatos_x Member Posts: 201

    She can't go from hook to gen to hook extremely fast anymore? Oh no it's almost as if she's like almost every other killer now. How sad, guess you'll just have to deal with maining a killer that isn't broken anymore. Might as well quit the game Nurse mains.

  • woundcowboywoundcowboy Member Posts: 599

    I’ll just main Spirit lol. And let me repeat: it’s going to be people like you who don’t like this change because Nurse players will just start camping more. You should want her to be able to leave the hook.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    I realised this as soon as i seen how the blinks work. There is no point talking with people that think nurse was just broken (which include base kit in their opinions). Nurse base kit was great now her base kit is BS, i mean look at freddy without add-ons i always win. Sometime i use some add-ons (chain with paint brush) but freddy is totally viable without add-ons and is fun.

    Nurse have a very frustrating power once you've learned it it's powerful. His add-ons was broken for sure so the add-ons is great. Now with the changes her base kit feel even more frustrating and pro survivors will know you counter just give them time.

    He make me think about how legion changes was. First everyone hated it then many more liked it and find it fun to play. When the change was live Legion was simply a bad killer with a power that is add-ons reliant and more downside to use it then not. 4s second fatigue while being looped around pallet while frenzy was activated. His vault speed was a joke without name, add-ons was nerfed instead of buffed to counter the new 4s fatigue.

    Nurse will be the same except she is way better. Once nurse will hit live version give it a month and you will see that nurse is a joke and devs will take a year or more to fix it.

    I hope i'm wrong but i will laugh and stop playing if that happen. 95% of the maps still have BS loops and we know that in two years only 4 maps will get reworked and that is not a good pace.

  • empathempath Member Posts: 35

    Please dont change the base kit of the nurse, it changes her way too much and the only thing that needed adjusted were her unbalanced add ons, omega blink and 5 blink for example. Dont change base kit and the ultra rare that gives u a 3rd blink should not have a massive downside. No one with a brain would take an additional blink and not be able to blink through walls.

  • LordkobraaLordkobraa Member Posts: 3

    Hello, honestly i'm a 1000 hours main nurse.

    I really wanted to play Dead by Daylight when i heard in the past some things about this character, I immediately knew that this character must be my main... And, that was hard, really really really hard. You really need a strong will to still play a character after 300 hours of 0/1 kill... But one day I managed to be good with her. I think a character extremely powerful who takes hundred hours to be mastered is not an OP character. And this nerf, is not a good thing. 5 blinks and the Omegablink were quite too much, but there was never need to nerf her at this point... This cooldown is just a bullshit which destroy many good chases and completely destroy the mechanic of the character, her gameplay. The aim of the nurse is to be everywhere, to haunt entity's land like a ghost...

    Now this is just insanely hard to play, her difficulty is not AT ALL equal to her potential... Even if you don't loose survivors, the cooldown make you too slow, and you cannot catch survivors if you don't have luck. This nerf is only made for survivors, devs didn't thought about the nurses players who were absolutely fans of her character and who saw in her a little bit more than the best killer.

    Because she is not the best killer anymore. Against good survivors this is a true hell, Spirit do the same in a really easier way... This is not because she could blink through walls that she break game mechanics. She had her own game mechanics, game mechanics which needed to be adjusted in some point. But here, this is not an adjustment, this is a gutting.

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