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Nurse's movement speed and Ultra Rare AddOns

JoLoJoLo Member Posts: 108
edited October 2019 in 3.3.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

I think that with the new recharge mechanism, the Nurse's normal movement speed should be increased to 100%.

This would not reduce the counter play too much, but increases the fun to play her and decreases the new (much higher) skill cap.

I also think the Nurse should be able to abort her first blink by pressing M1.

Additionally: I played with both ultra rare AddOns and think the features should be partitioned differently.

I would like to see it this way:

Torn Bookmark:

  • Adds 1 blink charge.
  • No Debuff.


  • Buff: Increases The Nurse's base Movement speed to 4.4 m/s.
  • The Nurse can no longer Blink through solid objects.

I also liked the blink indicator I had with these two (not sure if it is a bug). I think it should be a part of the "No solid objects" add-on to make the debuff clearer in chases. :)

But on the whole: Good job :)

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  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100

    It is extremely difficult to reach survivors after 2 teleports experienced survivors get too far from the nurse, return your power the way it always was !!!

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,243

    If they are going to keep the ridiculous cooldown phase they're going through then I hope this idea gets implemented. No ultra rare should make it impossible to use your power on any map that isn't a wide open field.

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