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The Nurse and The Rift in PTB 3.3.0

This is why i think The Nurse is more funny before this PTB:

  1. The Nurse is not like every killer this is why she is funny to play because she dont just walk and walk and try to find a survivor she just have blinks and this make the killer that funny just because you dont need to walk .
  2. I think now Nurse have pretty good add-ons but her power change is pretty bad !Now we need to wait too much for her blinks and i know that we can use add-ons but is not the same and i dont like this idea to make her like the other killers to just walk and the most stupid thing that i see in this PTB is that add-on that give you normal speed when you hit survivor whit blink ... sorry but this is stupid now she is next boring killer that no one gonna play 1,2 weeks after the patch come because everyone gonna try her ''new'' power and her new add-ons and she is gonna be like all new killers forgotten somewhere!This is my opinion about her update!
  3. And the last thing that i want to mention is that why you make her a Hallowed Blight skin but you add it on the Rift whyy i want to know this is stupid ? And why you release all Hallowed Catalist skins before the event start ?? And why most of the cosmetics in the Rift is just recolored version of old skins?? I think and the only thing in my mind is that you just want to make more and more money from DBD yes i understand if you dont make money you just gonna stop the game but this is too much.


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