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3.3.0: Thorough Critique (Pros and Cons)

GrazoxGrazox Member Posts: 45
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Hello developers at Behavior! I’ve taken the last few days to test the changes on the PTB and decided to provide my critique. There’s a lot of good and bad to go through, so let’s get started!

The Pros:

1) Death of Five Blink and Omegablink Nurse

Everyone can agree that the Nurse’s add-ons were either useless or broken. There was no in-between, and so seeing them gone is a delight. Too often have claims been made about the Nurse’s skill level or difficulty based on these blatantly imbalanced builds.

2) Med-kits Encourage Cooperative Gameplay

The changes to med-kits are geared mostly toward healing teammates, which is a healthy direction for a game that has been so horribly warped by Self-Care since the start. This rewards Survivors for working together and Killers for breaking up these group backrubs. Very good.

3) Styptic and Syringe are Nerfed

Being one of the many means for SWFs to bully Killers, seeing the impact these add-ons have on the game reduced is welcome. There’s a lot of thought that went into this, and it should be commended.

4) Stealth Killers are Undetectable

This is a welcome quality of life fix for a lot of Killers. Object of Obsession can cripple Killers when abused by SWFs to relay the Killer’s exact location to teammates at any given moment, and this is especially taxing for stealth Killers. Moreover, EWI Shape now has no Terror Radius but can be detected by Spine Chill and Premonition, which is rather fair. Very encouraging.

5) Better Graphics

The updated engine has really allowed the game to shine. Textures look richer and more detailed, bringing us one step close to those beautiful renders made outside the actual game.

The Cons

1) Adding a Cooldown to the Nurse’s Base Kit

While the whining in these forums is wildly overblown, there is merit to the criticism of changing the Nurse’s base kit. The fatigue after blinking was the appropriate means to regulate the strength of her power, and yet the same devs that nerfed the Pig because two timers during the Endgame Collapse was supposedly too much for Survivors to possibly manage have now done just that for a Killer with an already calculation-intensive power. The logic is flawed and the actual solution, just as silly. All informed criticism about the Nurse rightfully zeroed in on the add-ons, not the Power.

Testing shows that the extra seconds a Nurse must wait allows Survivors that juke a hit to make it across the entire map before the Nurse can catch up. In other words, the Nurse becomes a Killer who at the highest level of play, which these nerfs are aimed to address based on past commentary by the community manager, has to make perfect reads for the entire match in order to make any progress against the best Survivors. All top-level Nurses will then be forced to use the new add-ons mitigating this cooldown into essentially nonexistence in order to remain competitive, removing any creativity in the Killer’s builds or viability. Overall, this was a well-meaning but poorly executed change with an unfortunate domino effect on the game once it hits the live servers.

2) The Nurse’s Add-ons Still Need Work

A number of add-ons, such as the updated blinking range add-ons, still affect muscle memory despite that very element being recognized as an issue to address. Until these are changed so as to not affect the learning curve of the Nurse, they will remain anathema. This isn’t to mention some of the new add-ons which are simply unpalatable.

3) The Nurse is Ridiculously Buggy

Between the latest iteration of dedicated servers causing constant rubberbanding with blinks, the Killer’s Terror Radius either disappearing or becoming map-wide, or add-ons glitching out in one way or another, this patch is making Nurse a nightmare to test properly. PTB is already a poor way to gauge the effects of changes on high-level play, and these bugs can’t hit the live servers without muddying the data on some of these changes.

4) Styptic Agent is Still Too Strong

New styptic is basically old styptic but slightly worse. The old add-on was abused to instantly heal any damage or tank an attack last second, turning a two-hit chase into a three-hit chase. Much like Mettle of Man, this has a huge domino effect on the rest of the game, where the Killer has to choose between letting the Survivor get away because they can’t waste much more time or committing that much more wasted time to down one Survivor.

Now, this new styptic serves the same function. Survivors will use it last second to tank a hit, putting the Killer in the exact same lose-lose situation as described above. The only difference is that the Survivor now has to spend a few seconds mending. This change doesn’t really fix the underlying issue, only limiting the add-on’s flexibility since it can’t be used on downed Survivors. The counterplay is also antithetical to that of the new syringe. One requires you to hit the Survivor who’s medkit miraculously disappeared as quickly as possible, the other demands you hold off your attack for as long as possible. The Killer will almost always decide the former to be the lesser of two evils, so the 15 seconds time limit may as well be permanent. Overall, better than before but only barely.

5) Fog Looks Absolutely Awful

The fog as of the latest update just looks bad. Rather than being a haze hanging in the air and slowly wafting, the effect looks like a dust cloud generated by a grenade on a constant fast loop.

6) Sounds are Broken Again

Generators, breathing, footsteps, actions, etc. can’t be heard through even an open doorway because it considers it part of the surrounding wall rather than an open space. Sound is such an important factor in this game for both sides, so this is huge.

7) Undetectable Trumps Kindred

Kindred is the anti-camp perk. It fails if the Killer can camp while Undetectable. This is a huge issue that unnecessarily weakens an already niche perk.

The Solutions

1) Compensate for the New Cooldown

If the developers truly wish to commit to an additional limiter to the Nurse’s Power, then please increase the Nurse’s base movement speed to 4.0 or 4.2 m/s. Breaking line of sight will still be effective but Survivors who don’t won’t be able to easily outdistance her for an entire map’s length. (and change that obnoxious totem “bling” sound effect to something more appropriate to the character) Otherwise, lower the actual cooldown from 3 seconds per blink to 1.5-2 seconds instead.

2) Update the Following Add-ons


Bad Man Keepsake: Hitting a Survivor with a blink attack causes their aura to be revealed when healing or being healed within a 28 meter range for 60 seconds.

> Change “their aura” to “all Survivors’ aura”

Much like the Wraith, adding more conditional versions of the Killer’s perks as add-ons is a terrible idea all around. Who in their right mind heals from a Nurse within this range within 60 seconds of being hit after a blink? If they do, the Survivor is bad. And if the Nurse lost track of the Survivor enough to make it possible to heal within this range, then the Killer is bad. This should be changed to something more unique, but for now, let’s just make it affect all Survivors so it’s actually worth considering.


"Bad Man's" Last Breath: Hitting a survivor with a successful blink attack grants The Nurse the Undetectable status for 16 seconds. This effect may be only triggered once every 60 seconds.

>Increase from 16 seconds to 30 seconds

This is too short an effect for such a loud Power. Increasing the time will allow certain builds to actually make a “stealth” Nurse somewhat viable.


Pocket Watch: Increases the duration of the chain blink window by 13% (0.2 seconds).

>Increase from .2 seconds to .4 seconds.

This is the only add-on of its kind right now, and it’s currently increase is pretty underwhelming. No one cares about an extra .2 seconds to the chain blink window. Bump it up to closer to half a second and it’s actually worth looking at.


Spasmodic Breath: Hitting a survivor with a successful blink attack disables the ability to blink and increases The Nurse's base movement speed to 4.6 m/s for 60 seconds.

>Change to “ability to attack during the chain blink window”.

>Fix glitch when transitioning back to normal movement speed.

Removing a Killer’s entire Power in exchange for becoming a M1 Killer is just plain bad, essentially making the Nurse a worse Legion. Making it impossible to use that power to swiftly injure or down Survivors is far more reasonable. The Nurse can loop you but also quickly get around the map with her blinks.


Anxious Gasp: Blinking past a survivor causes them to scream and awards 200 blood points in the devious category for terrifying them.

>Increase range to 8 m radius of the Nurse.

This power is just a gimmick. If you’re going to make Survivors constantly scream, make it so it happens more than just when the Nurse blinks right on top of them. Expanding the range makes it an interesting detection in niche situations.


Matchbox: Removes 1 blink charge. Increases base movement speed to 4.2 m/s.

>Increase from 4.2 m/s to 4.4 m/s

Sacrificing a blink for EWI Shape speed isn’t worthy of an Ultra Rare add-on. Make it at least the same speed as Hag or Huntress.


Torn Bookmark: Adds 1 blink charge. The Nurse can no longer blink to locations not in her line of sight.

>Change to “no longer chain blink to locations”

>Fix visible destination marker glitch

Right now, the obvious glitch where Plaid Flannel is built into this add-on is its only saving grace. Much like Huntress, there are too many locations that you should be able to blink through, but can’t, and this add-on completely cripples the Nurse on many maps. There is no incentive to make any builds around this extra blink. Instead, make it so that only the second and potentially third blinks have this downside, lessening the burden for Nurses who make the correct reads with their first blink or just need to make distance.


3) Add 5 Second Animation to Styptic Agent

By making Styptic Agent not instant, Survivors can’t abuse it to prolong chases like they have done for so long. If a Killer gives them 5 whole seconds of breathing room to apply it during a chase, then it’s fair game.


4) Restore Old Fog

Please restore the old effect that looked like actual fog and not steam vent exhaust.

5) Fix Sounds

Nothing else that can be said about this. The sounds were bound to break again sooner or later, but they need to be fixed as soon as possible.

6) Make Kindred Trump Undetectable

No Killer should get a free pass to camp, regardless of which Killer it is. In truth, Kindred’s effect should be baseline, but that’s a talk for another day.

That covers everything that I noticed during testing. I appreciate the developers taking my feedback on the Ghost Face into account, so I hope this will be as informative. Thank you!

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  • PeepingPeacockPeepingPeacock Member Posts: 354
    edited October 2019

    Excellent write up

    I strongly agree that Nurse's basekit should'nt have been touched and that it has means it makes no sense for such a large amount of her addon's to be useless or actively detrimental to winning.

    Nurse is taking up most of the converstation this patch (for good reason) so pointing out the lesser talked about bugged sounds and kindred issue was nice to see. Also on Styptic Agent even if the killer waited out the 15 seconds it would allow any survivor to make it to a pallet, so its still basically a free time extension midchase.

  • GrazoxGrazox Member Posts: 45

    Thank you, there's a lot going on this patch so I wanted to focus on more than just the (imo overdramatic) wall-to-wall Nurse coverage. It's an important aspect, but there's so much good and bad parts of the game the devs need to hear about.

    Yes, styptic just needs more work, or else changing it will result in Decisive Strike "nerf" 2.0 from the dark days.

  • copperslycoppersly Member Posts: 2,318

    This is very well put and encapsulates the majority of the problems these changes bring.

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