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not_Queennot_Queen Member Posts: 1,115
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As of October 9th, 2019, we have begun testing dedicated servers on the live PC version of the game following the feedback received from the first live test.

In the first test:

Players were sent to any server with an acceptable connection ping which could lead to be matched with sub-optimal servers.

In this test

Players will be sent to their closest server unless it is full. We'll be monitoring our servers capacity and adjust based on the demand to offer the best experience to all players.

Please note: Dedicated servers are not enabled on PS4 and XBOX just yet.

If you have had a chance to give the dedicated servers a try, we'd love to hear what you think below.


Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9N7RSJJ

Thank you!

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  • Daxtell89Daxtell89 Member Posts: 2

    Matchmaking is messed up again. I play killer games, which I don't play unless I have a daily, and i was put with red ranks as the survivors when i am only rank 11 as killer. Other than that the only problem I had is I got disconnected from a couple games, and while I was playing doctor sometimes the shock therapy would not register as hitting the survivor.

  • NenkieNenkie Member Posts: 43
    edited October 2019

    DC survivors stay in game, I thought she was afk at first.

  • PandaPeteTVPandaPeteTV Member Posts: 10
    edited October 2019

    m2 has delay on huntress and pallet placing on freddy other than that its perfect for me seems m2 is delayed on most killers,

    damages gens is delayed on fully breaking it you have to stay alot longer or it cancels.

  • clutch4tclutch4t Member Posts: 19

    It is literally unplayable at 120 ping to server as a survivor. If you get a killer who has better ping, hits can be somehow explained, but if killers ping is the same as yours, you get hit 10 meters away (especially Freddy's lunge), even though, logically, he has to be closer to you to attack. In addition, on the killer's side, if I play Huntress, survivors hitboxes are twofold size of Jane (no offense to Jane mains) and I get hated for that in the endgame chat. There's also another downside of servers when you "stutter" mid-chase or while breaking a pallet and occasional delay whilst pressing M2, for example, to wind up your hatchet or charge a blink as Nurse.

  • 1saltypug1saltypug Member Posts: 117

    just had an exhaustion bug where dead hard didnt actually give the i frames. My friend got stuck in a perm sprint burst for some reason in the same game

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 863

    Lobbies I get sent to have decent ping, but hitboxes are atrocious. Had Billys chainsaw me through corners, Huntress hatchets hit me even though they didn't on my screen, had hatchets fly right through me, been hit through pallets even though I shouldn't and also not been hit at pallets even though I should, hit after vaulting a window and taking two steps away from it. My favorite part is when a Billy hit a rock with his chainsaw, as he was in the start of his "bump into something" animation he magically downed me as well.

    Everything else seems nice, no stuttering or lagspikes. Just dumb hitboxes.

  • Michael7509Michael7509 Member Posts: 8

    Hitboxes are still hideous and don't make sense half the time. Besides that, which was an issue with the last test, now, I can't drop pallets well. When I stand near once, if the situation arises, and I can see that the prompt says "Space to drop", when I press space, one of two things happens: either the prompt disappears and it doesn't drop the pallet (most common) or I warp about a half an inch away to a distance where the pallet cannot be dropped. For the record, all lobbies I've played in have had green 60 ms ping.

  • Michael7509Michael7509 Member Posts: 8

    Oh and dead hard is also messed up to the maximum. Most of the time, I'll use it, it won't dash, and I get downed. The thing is, I still get the exhaustion effect still, even though the perk didn't actually work.

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 863

    Oh yeah, I forgot to name that part. DH doesn't work like 50% of the time. Had multiple times where I pressed it early but got hit anyways. Either I'd get exhausted on the ground or I'd do the Dead Hard shakes (where you get downed and just shake on the ground for a bit).

  • MRwhateverMRwhatever Member Posts: 4

    me and my friend both got a nat type error as soon as u guys did the servers we can play solo but not with each other or with anyone in a swf actually and there is nothing we can do about it so yea dont know what to do about that one

  • AikanaroAikanaro Member Posts: 310

    Lol if someone is trying to rank up as a survivor, this is not the best time.

  • The_6SThe_6S Member Posts: 1

    way better than playing on other killers ping and stops lag switching

  • TabambulaTabambula Member Posts: 2

    Hello, first I have to say that I had a worse ping than in the last test, I play in the Frankfurt region,

     I have an average ping of 80 (Frankfurt is about 50 km from me)

    As killer "Huntress" I lagg myself to pallets and generators to damage them, their hatches fly through survivor and are not registered.

    As a survivor I have the same ping, all actions work great but only the hits on windows and palettes are just horrible, you can really see how the killer pulls before a hit on the survivor's turn.

    I am absolutely not satisfied with this test ... The last test of the server was clearly better! I hope you get that slowly in the handle. Best wishes and succeed with good,


  • ChaoticNoxxChaoticNoxx Member Posts: 1

    A few things I noticed when playing were lobbies for killer took way longer than before. It would roughly take 15-20 minutes to queue for a killer game but before it was maybe 5 minutes. I also have noticed if the lobby gets picked as a survivor, the ping for the lobby jumps all over the place and it even shows in game. Things will run smooth and then you lag so bad it becomes hard to play.

  • debdeedebdee Member Posts: 15

    Occasional stuttering when breaking stuff as killer like last time, that's the only negative thing I've experienced in almost 4 hours. This test has been far better for me than the previous one. Good ping, getting games in 10 seconds or less, it's great.

  • EbisekEbisek Member Posts: 103

    I have terrible experience with dedicated servers. Ping in lobby ~45-50ms, but gameplay experience like in case of 250ms P2P.

    Killer hits to "air" and blood sprays from my body 2m away, even though I turned my back after 360°.

    Myers have bugged "exposed" icon on tier2.

    Flashlight doesn't work and 10 seconds later works again. Same like cases when mouse buttons works on the third attempt (clicking do nothing - same like healing, repairing, unhooking). No, thats not mouse issue.

    DeadHard is completely dead perk, because it work in 10% of cases. In most cases, pressing do nothing or killer hit me and then you can see animation of attack. Or animation starts in the moment of hit.

    Hitboxes are weird. Demogorgon have 3m wide hitbox on dedicated servers?

    Reaction time of pallet droping is also terrible.

  • DeadonkillzDeadonkillz Member Posts: 52
    edited October 2019

    This is the worst experience i've ever had in DBD. I live in Middle East , we dont have any servers. today lowest ping was 160ms and goes up to 195-200ms on other server

    Hag Teleport + attack with 150ms is so bad. you cant do it. takes 0.1-0.2 sec to teleport and hit.

    Hit boxes are so bad , Basic attacks do not register on a target if they keep moving around.

    Any Chainsaw / Charging ability have a slight 0.1-0.2sec lag where it wont start charging

    Hag trap placement have a 0.1-0.2sec and at end of trap placement another 0.1-0.2sec

    Billy Chainsaw does not connect if player circle around , it seems you need to predict where they are according to their placement on their screen.

    Pallet drops are 0.1-0.2 sec delayed , getting hit through pallets.

    Shred on Demogorgan has a noticable delay on activation and on execution (0.1-0.2 sec).

    I am very disappointed with servers , there is literally a AWS server which has 20ms in my region , however, since we dont have that much players in middle east we dont get any Middle Eastern servers.

    If you want any funding to Middle East server , i will fully fund it. you have my email , send me a mail. Dedicated servers are indeed the best choice , but if you are not planning to invest in launching enough servers than just leave it P2P.

    It is quite sad how i feel you ignored all our feedback early into dedicated servers about the lack of middle eastern servers and just connected us to EU/Russian servers with 150-200 ms. Apparently even singapore servers we are not able to connect to , had 100-110ms to it. not that bad , but was it cancelled ?

  • IAmGrubbsIAmGrubbs Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2019

    So, my feedback is: this game is still completely broken on dedicated servers. Killers can hit you from a mile away, vaulting windows or pallets might as well be the middle of the map. Hit boxes seem to be the size of the killer shack.

    My suggestion: ban anyone playing killer during this test. Apparently you can be banned for using things in the game to your advantage because that wasn't the way the devs have designed it. So, unless the devs have designed the killers to be able to hit from a mile away, then every killer in the game right now is exploiting a game breaking bug that isn't working the way the devs intended. I am happy and open to a response from the dev team as to what was actually fixed in this new "test" because right now it seems that you have just turned the servers back on the way they were a few days ago.

    EDIT: Brand new part, hitting both skill checks even on these horrible laggy servers gives you no progression to the generator. So once again wasting blood points and items to get nowhere.

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  • ValkyriaValkyria Member Posts: 8

    Killers are terrible to play. My stalk progression as Myers jumped instantly from 75% to 100%, making it impossible to 99 my stalk progression. Adding up to this, I teleported across the map randomly, on a 90 Ping server, making me lose survivors constantly.

    The next game, I spawned, did an entire chase, hooked the survivor, went for someone else.... and then the game got canceled, because someone didn't load in???

    Nurse is giving me motion sickness with frames stuttering after some blinks, also making it very hard to hit survivors.

    So I got fed up and switched to survivor. I vaulted pallets and windows and was running again, and THEN got hit THROUGH the window.

    I tried Head on, and I vaulted out of the locker, THEN the killer did a full swing (after i was completely out of the locker already!) and THEN he got stunned...

    Switched to dead hard, and spent most of the matches being exhausted on the floor...

    Yeah. Servers are amazing.

  • CiinnyCiinny Member Posts: 36

    Well in Australia from my experience, Dedicated Servers have been amazing. Vaults feel really smooth, hits are much more accurate (most of the time) and the movement in general just feels a lot better than it did before.

    Dead Hard however, works very badly. It's almost like "press the activate ability button to instantly die". Other than the occasional wonky hits and Dead Hard not working at all I think you guys did a pretty good job so far...

  • cats4batscats4bats Member Posts: 11

    movement feels bad. spinning in a circle / moonwalking is very jittery

  • zarrzarr Member Posts: 431

    Basically non-functional Dead Hard if it's not used for distance, ridiculous hits through and over pallets and windows, lunges connect from afar, ... - client-sided hit detection on the killer's PC coupled with servers that introduce more latency but do not run their own hit detection or at least hit validation or lag compensation means the killer's latency advantage has only gotten worse, when it was the one thing I had hoped dedicated servers would finally rid us of. And now players can't even see what the connection of their opponent to the server is like, to avoid players with bad connections.

    I really do hope you will sooner rather than later look at handling "hit authority" differently, as you said you want to. The server needs to be the authority, or I don't see why dedicated servers were implemented to begin with.

  • MalkrazMalkraz Member Posts: 86

    The Killer's ping should be shown to Survivors in the lobby, and ideally vice versa. Assuming hit registration is handled with client authority, which it appears to be, a Killer with an excessively high latency will basically offset the fact that the Survivor is playing with low latency on a nearby server and will appear to hit from a significant distance away. On the original P2P system, players were able to see when the latency was too high for an enjoyable experience and were able to requeue for a better one. This is no longer the case and it's a complete gamble regardless of what your own ping to the server is.

  • potoloverpotolover Member Posts: 6

    Dedicated server still has havy lag for killers even at green ping at Asia server.

    Most problem is a lag when from click any button to take actions. This lags make us get frustrations.

    Especially The Doctor, He MUST switch avilities and hit soon after shock therapy SMOOTHLY. He needs click buttons sometimes more than other killers.

    this server makes me and The Doctor confuse.

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,293

    I'm getting some desync issues on the survivor side. Killers are apparently hitting me even though I'm nowhere near them. I know it's not my net that's causing this issue cause the killer seemed confused trying to find me once I was downed.

  • fahad0595fahad0595 Member Posts: 57

    everything is smooth on survivor side so far for me .. however we need an indicator to see how much the killer ping's. since im pretty sure there is some issues not related to the servers but how laggy the killer is !!

  • xXSilentWraithXxxXSilentWraithXx Member Posts: 2

    You guys did really well. I've yet to run into a problem with the dedicated servers thus far. I had poor ping my first match on but I'm not sure if it was the servers or my internet.

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