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Feedback | Dedicated servers live test



  • xXSilentWraithXxxXSilentWraithXx Member Posts: 2

    You guys did really well. I've yet to run into a problem with the dedicated servers thus far. I had poor ping my first match on but I'm not sure if it was the servers or my internet.

  • Slaughterhouse3Slaughterhouse3 Member Posts: 270

    Really smooth on my end! Love em :D

  • purplerainpurplerain Member Posts: 92

    fix the stalking killers on dedicated servers if this go pernaments , or rework ghostface for no stalk then because at current state he is unplayable on dedicated servers

  • NootOwlNootOwl Member Posts: 2

    Everything Looks good so far, My Ping got a lot better but the Hit boxes still seems to be a problem like they can hit you from a mile away especially with Huntress throwing axe. Also when I start to break pallets there's like a little de-sync, Dead Hard also works very badly but overall Pretty Good Job so far

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,111

    I'm seeing an issue in Plague games which has happened multiple times now.

    When chasing a survivor as they turn a corner, puking directly on them causes the puke to splash on them and they make the grunts and animation as though it has hit, but then they are not infected.

  • MRwhateverMRwhatever Member Posts: 3

    i have to use vpn now to play the game god damnit this was the one thing i played

  • KawaiiChazzyKawaiiChazzy Member Posts: 2

    The servers are soooo bad, getting hit through pallets even though I'm already through them, more than usual. Dead hard literally doesn't work. I sit on the ground exhausted most of the time and shake.

  • manzarimanzari Member Posts: 39

    I keep getting a NAT Type error when I'm about to find a lobby as both killer and survivor, it happens 60% of the time, this wasn't an issue for me before you guys change the style of swf lobbies, or maybe it's the servers, don't know what it is but please fix it cuz everytime I'm playing with friends, they go in the lobby and tell hey Where are u? I say I'm loading, it ends up loading forever then back to pre-lobby with the NAT error.

  • kaorakukaoraku Member Posts: 27
    edited October 2019

    Are you out of your mind? How the hell you want to test it without killers?

    However yes, it is horrible. As killer it is basicly unplayable, with ~50 ping sometimes my skills have a whole second or more delay.

    As a survivor you get hit from another part of the map

    And it would be really grate, if you turn off loosing ranks. It is really not funny if we loose ranks cause you cannot make work normally the servers

  • emilys101emilys101 Member Posts: 20

    I agree with everyone above who says the servers are terrible. You should just steal the servers from Deathgarden as peer-to-peer is the only option for DBD, and it should stay that way. People complain about lagswitching, but it is EXTREMELY rare. I never thought dedicated servers were a good idea.

    Servers are laggy for both survivor and killer. Huntress charged shots are undodgable now, with the lag and the hitboxes in general. And when playing her (huntress main), even I know that did not hit them. When playing nurse, there is a weird stutter after blinking and before blinking, which I find funny because in the PTB you test the nurse changes with dedicated servers.

    Laggy servers = laggy pallet hits, laggy hits, frame drops. No BLOCKING SYSTEM. (PLEASE!) I miss MLGA already.

    Stick to peer-to-peer and stop torturing us.

  • Enrycs02Enrycs02 Member Posts: 1
    edited October 2019

    Those dedicated servers are so odd because when I play survivor i have no problems (i have 60-70ms ping) but when I play killer it's just unplayable. Explain me why (with the same ping) it's so laggy (e.g. with bamboozle the perk gets activated 3 seconds after the vault and when I break a generator the visual is laggy, just unacceptable) that I can no longer play killer with dedicated servers. In the end I had thesee problems with the last dedicated servers attempt and the daily quests get substituted with others after a message of error.

  • ReconeticReconetic Member Posts: 9
    edited October 2019

    Rubber banding seems to be gone but please make dead hard work in dedicaded servers everytime i dead hard i just get exhausted and still get knocked down same for getting hit through pallets/windows


    Played some more no real lagg but hitboxes are just worse, and dead hard is basicly a waste of a perk slot only get exhausted and thats it, also noticed some latency problems when dropping pallets/getting hit through them

    Post edited by Reconetic on
  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,053

    As survivor there's low ping and, aside some occasional bs hit, it runs very smooth.

    As killer it seems there's less delay on powers compared to the other test, but I experience way more rubberbanding, especially at the start of the match, and interactions (vaulting windows in particular) have a high chance to make you freeze in place for a bunch of seconds.

  • IrvinIrvin Member Posts: 98

    This is my experience so far, I will add more as I play.


    No Lag


    Dead Hard activates but I do not move and I still become exhausted.

    Hit Boxes are not in a good place, some BS hits have been landed on me.

  • EcheloniaEchelonia Member Posts: 25

    That's a bug (see bug report section of the forum) and it happens to alot of people, even before the servers went live. Got the same problem btw.

    My feedback:

    Survivor gameplay works fine for me, ping is always around 40-50 which is totally fine. Nothing bad happened to me, I'm happy with that.

    For killer - I only played The Pig a few games. Everything worked fine. Only think I recognized is the waiting time for a game, which took me longer than normal (10 minutes or more, before the servers went live it took me around 5 minutes).

    Overall I have nothing really negative to say :)

  • VavouarVavouar Member Posts: 1

    The game is currently unplayable as killer, especially nurse. I join a lobby with 30-40 ping, but I experience rollbacks and lags/freezes every 5 seconds. I keep glitching around with no possibility to lunge at survivors otherwise I miss. I also cannot hit survivors around corners, as it will auto-aim at their current location for the server, which is behind the wall, when they're still reachable on my screen. I'll keep playing for a bit to be sure that it was not a random thing, but i pray for good dedicated servers.

  • ShraarShraar Member Posts: 219
    edited October 2019

    While I didn't have any terrible issues last time (apart from questionable hits through windows) I've got to say it's worse this time. I NEED to connect to a Server, I'll wait longer if I have to, if I can't connect it's an infinite load screen as Killer. Dedicated Servers are my only chance to play Killer, I really don't want to use Peer-to-Peer.

    Edit: It's been getting better. The first test was still better, but I'd have no I think Dedicated Servers (based off my own experiences) are "good enough" right now to be released, so long as they make continual improvements to them in the future to address the issues some people claim they're running into.

    Post edited by Shraar on
  • HughJanusHughJanus Member Posts: 7

    This test is absolutely worse than the last.. After the shitshow that was PTB why would you test this on live?

    Killer is a complete nightmare to play now, want to kick that pallet? Lol good luck, you're gonna waste 10 seconds trying to kick it. Want to kick a gen? same. Want to throw a hatchet? 50-50 it's either gonna be the hatchet of death that downs three players on opposite sides of a gen, or its gonna go through that survivor who just dropped a pallet in front of you and is stuck in an animation.

    Survivor is fine, allthough window hits are complete bullshit now, going through walls n [BAD WORD].

    3/10 let me know when the clown fiesta is over and I can play the game without feeling like it's 1999 and I'm on dial-up

  • BronxBronx Member Posts: 7

    The game feels very laggy in every aspect of gameplay, even with being on the nearest server. Biggest thing for me is survivor movement. Playing a killer like huntress, demo or billy where you hold your ability and wait for the right moment to strike is almost impossible to do properly. Any sort of sudden movement jolts the survivor in the direction instead of being a smooth movement like before.

    Example of what I mean: https://youtu.be/vQhG745R2J4?t=343

    I honestly hate this

  • ohmyohmy Member Posts: 8
    edited October 2019

    Overall a terrible experience and second test. Keep dedicated servers on the PTB. They're that bad. Or at least warn players when a testing period will begin so we can avoid the frustrations of playing on such terrible servers.

    edit: should also mention the above video features matches that were ALL on ~60 ping.

  • N0T0Ri0USN0T0Ri0US Member Posts: 5

    It was great. The Dedicated Servers drastically improved my ping from 280s to 130s and the best part is that it was consistent so I never had to leave a lobby and find a new one. Matchmaking was way faster than before, I didn't feel anything wrong with hits ( maybe because I am used to bad hits at red ping ) and everything was great.

  • RabbitsFootRabbitsFoot Member Posts: 1

    The game is working so much better with these dedicated servers.

    Peer-to-Peer hosting used to give matches with 180ms, 250ms, even 300ms which was pretty much unplayable.

    Now, it is constant 80ms latency every single time, much more consistent with less hits when you're way through windows, over pallets, etc.

    Killer works just fine too, it's even more fun since you're not getting hits when you don't deserve them, since when the survivors used to have much higher latency there would be a lot more play in when you can and where you can swing to get hits.

    If some of the bugs that other people are mentioning are fixed, it would be perfect. Leaving this game as peer-to-peer hosting makes it nearly impossible to find a good match under 150ms, I never want that feeling back.

  • ZuphestZuphest Member Posts: 11

    Only played survivor so far.

    Been good for the most part, ran into Myers about 4 times last night, ONE of them was really buggy.

    Tier 3 music is all weird and played multiple times or tier 3 will pop but I wouldn't get one shot down.

    Footage from my friend's stream


  • AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 336

    I only played survivor so far. I live near to one of the servers in Europe and for most games I had a ping of 30 ms, which is insanely good.

    Anyway, the hitboxes are a mess. Even though I had a really good connection, I still got hit in these scenarios:

    - after vaulting a pallet ( I vaulted it, character is already standing on the other side of the pallet, killer swings and I got hit). This is the biggest issue for me, since that happened a lot.

    - after vaulting a window and already running again (enough space between survivor and window, still got hit through it)

    - through solid walls ( I looped the killer around some walls, he was behind me but on the opposite of a solid wall, swung and hit me. This also happened on other loops)

    - hatchets are first flying past me (I can hear them hit the ground) and I got injured by them like 2 seconds later.

    The only good thing about the servers is that they don't (or rarely) lag.

    But playing with these issues is actually worse than playing against a killer with a ping of 175ms! Even in yellow ping lobby's I rarely faced those issues in the past. These things should not happen with a ping of 30-40ms...

  • ZumzZumz Member Posts: 62

    I don't know if you have any knowledge of this, but god how SWF sucks.

    While I have green ping and is doing "decent" in game, my friend on the other side of the world has so awful ping and lag in a match. Please fix this.

    Also matchmaking still doodoo.

  • juniorwaldorfjuniorwaldorf Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2019

    il mio gioco è diventato instabile dal punto che quando sono in partita, la partita si chiude e va direttamente in lobby, e oltre tutto perdo dei punti di rank come se io avesse fatto "quit" della partita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AvocetAvocet Member Posts: 209
    edited October 2019

    I've played several survivor matches and a couple killer matches (due to the longer queues). I'm getting consistently a ping around 50 ms in the lobby which is better than the previous test. I've had a couple games as survivor which felt like moving through molasses. I haven't noticed any rubberbanding or teleporting around.

    We've had a couple disconnects, including the error message "player disconnected during loading" but then in the tally screen nobody was displayed as disconnected. I've also encountered a glitched lobby without a killer. When my teammates started to leave, the game continued to put new people in that lobby.

    Aside from that the gameplay has been mostly normal but I don't do a lot of looping.

  • prrrrrrrrrrxprrrrrrrrrrx Member Posts: 6

    I only played survivor since 9th.

    The servers feel better than before, but still not good.

    Especially against the huntress you get hit where she defintily has no los on you (& your large hitbox).

    But overall the "getting hit through pallets/after finished vaults"-thing is better, but still happens. (Consistent 40 ping)

    I'd say it is a step in the right direction, but it is still a wonky experience.

  • emilys101emilys101 Member Posts: 20

    The hitboxes are out of this world bad. Chainsaw hitboxes, huntress hitboxes, trap hitboxes, window hitboxes. If servers are going to be this laggy, hitboxes have to be changed. I have a few clips of my friend to show this since my computer is unable to record.

    It is entirely frustrating and gives killers free hits. Even when I play killer, it feels completely awful and unfair.

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