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Which is the weakest base killer currently?

TheEdgeGamerTheEdgeGamer Member Posts: 26

By base killer, I mean no add-ons or perks. In the comments describe what you would do to buff them?

Which is the weakest base killer currently? 75 votes

Legion. The 28 Stab wounds meme.
vampire_toothyBossBigyo369IhatelifekatoptrisCL4P_TRAP_ERMiriamGRamxenoc445BBQnDemogorgonDolphin9192ad19970JawsIsTheNextKillerTheEdgeGamerBoosted_DwightNescau_FernandoNullSp3cMasantonioAhoyWolfRaven014Seltas0208 28 votes
Wraith. The Bing bong here's come my ding dong.
Ark_the_BonsaikodiakyMicheal_MyersGengarismYaiPaHailohCreepingcam1070Yung_SlugHydrospexBloodyBunnySinisterDog 11 votes
Leatherface. The Insidious Basement Twitch Chat Lurker.
GibberishChiPandomMister_xDLevelSwordBlueberryAcesthetiicbrokedownpalaceJacoby2041whammigobambamKralleNuclearBurritoDreskiMedicSpirit7musstang62RIP_LegionSome_Dood64premiumRICEjasonq500WTBacon 26 votes
Trapper. The OG run into the right chase loop into my traps killer.
AdelooInnCognitoprinceharlequinDarootLeafstorm 4 votes
Doctor. The Scream in my ear a bit louder killer.
dragobvAzurlynxrd_dexTheVVitchCarlosyluJillSandwichL 6 votes


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