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Can't read crow, am I the only one?

NekooNekoo Member Posts: 133
edited October 2019 in General Discussions

I have been a rank 1 killer for a long time, yet I still can't read crow movements.

So far all I can read from crow is just "oh the crow flew, someone was here"

Yet, a lot of time when I watch asain streamer like sal_gu or takesipon, they talks about crow movements,

such as "I don't see crow in XXX (a certain spot), someone must be around here"

as if they KNOW where crow would land and memorized it, I always find it amusing watching it,

or something like "the crow just landed, that means someone is around XXX away"

then they predict where survivor are.

NA streamer I've only heard tru3 talked about it.

I wish I can read those two things like them


  • BloodyBunnyBloodyBunny Member Posts: 84

    I dont bother with the crows unless i have spies from the shadows equipped

  • StupidPalletsStupidPallets Member Posts: 395

    Hell no. Unless three are hovering and squacking over a locker.

  • FlamingkittyUmadFlamingkittyUmad Member Posts: 246

    You're already reading crows pretty much to their max, the level of experience it takes to memorize all the crow spawns/ how long it takes them to return when disturbed is insane, and for such a small advantage.

  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    I too have seen streamers use that "ability" to predict and determine where a survivor is or where they are/going. It's pretty incredible to see. Definitely takes practice and getting to know spawns etc. Usually streamers play for thousands of hours, so they probably figured it out over time. I should start asking them for tips about it tho.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,094

    well, usually i dont really need them, but i can say if something is off with them.

    like, when its a spot where crows usually land on and there are none, i check for a survivor there.

    or when someone disturbs them and i see them fly off (i usually look out for such things).

    the one where they landed is not too hard, you just need to look around and spot other places where crows eigther should be or are currently returning. afterwards you know the direction the survivor is heading and can predict their movements.

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