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Let's list every possible spirit counterplay to help survivors counter her



  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,398

    Notices only the perks stated..... completely ignores every other comment that lists multiple counters and tactics to use against the killer that is difficult for you.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    Why not help with this information that can help push it towards your direction as a Survivor? A lot of people listen to your advice because your a well known player. So putting the real information out there might help against her.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    Thats true to a degree I dont even have a headset on half the time as a Spirit since people try and vault not realizing I can see the dust on the vault.

    I meant your a incredibly well respected person in this community. Even providing small details like how her glass shards and hair change when shes phasing vs faking. How the enviroment does not actually move when shes walking through grass, but crows still go off.

    Providing these details from someone like you. Will at least get people to listen instead of having these arguments constantly how she has no counters has no tells. I mean your spirit guide was legitimately hilarious yet people basically swore up and down for awhile that's how it was without understanding there was more to it then that.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    It's a subtle tell that most people can't tell because few people bother to learn how to play against her.

  • RydogRydog Member Posts: 2,645

    The best counter to Spirit is to stop running so much. Walk more, and you'll take away a lot of her leverage during a pursuit.

    Pair that with Iron Will, and you've got a pretty good defense against her.

  • GennyFromTheBlockGennyFromTheBlock Member Posts: 113
    edited October 2019


    You Killah Mainz really don't want the Spirit's imbalanced power to be balanced. No surprise there.

    You can list every possible "counter-play" for the Spirit, but the fact remains that counter-play for the Spirit is the equivalent of hiding a coin in one of your hands, putting your hands behind your back, and asking someone to choose which hand has the coin. I picked left when I should have picked right.

    Her husk is going to get a nerf so that way she can't make Survivors play Russian Roulette at every chase.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,550

    I’m pretty sure her hair also stands straight up when she starts to phase but she has shorter hair cosmetics that counter that.

    Listening for footsteps has helped me when she has Prayer Beads because I heard her footsteps slap the ground but in a chase if the Spirit is that close to you she’s probably already going to know where you are.

    Like you said, it’s a guessing game. That’s why people hate facing her.

    There isn’t any reliable counter to Spirit but hope you brought in Iron Will and cross your fingers that she can’t track. I still love to play her though, I just feel bad for the survivors for having to face her :/

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 2,467

    @ScottJund I was thinking the same thing.

    ”Guess and if you’re lucky you might get away...”

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    I couldn't really help either honestly. I only know how I play against Spirit, but it's like playing against Nurse I'm just good at it cant really describe how. I always figured it's because I have mained them so I know what I look for and do the stuff I know would confuse me and make me lose them.

    Her best outfit is honestly the schoolgirl collection because it really hurts the subtle hints she gives. I would hope you take some time to look into more tips and hints because I feel with the Nurse rework she will become a hugely more popular killer. People say IW is her counter have truely not played against a good Spirit. Again you happen to be well regarded and respected so you can hopefully help shed some light to players.

    Also since you replied to me on something and I got your attention. Would you do a updated Huntress guide for the new perks added and since directional humming is not a thing anymore. I've been curious about your thoughts for awhile.

    *totally not a demanding person*

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    It's really weird how people on both sides yell about something being broken as long as it hurts them, but if it helps it's fine.

    Though more to the point! Alot of people do DC cause Spirit is "broken" Well if that's the case, you arn't learning anything you can do against her, therefore making yourself ignorant of how to face her.

    Come on, we have alot of weak Killers and yall are yelling about nerfing Spirit before buffing anyone else. It's getting to the point I don't think yall want me to even move!

  • ChordycepsChordyceps Member Posts: 271

    Let's not forget about Dance With Me. Vaults are already the spirit's worst enemy, and Dance With Me will make it harder to track them after a vault. Combine that with quick and quiet for a silent vault and you've got a great way to confuse a spirit.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Legion nerf was also cause of an exploit! Remember! Exploits are not fair! They did go too far though, which is why i have a huge thread on feedback for Legion reworks! Also!

    *cries in Legion main*

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903
    edited October 2019

    That's because most people who play survivor almost exclusively outside a few killers games from events and dailies dont want to have to learn and feel entitled to well survive every trial.

    I do with they would give weaker killers buffs those instead of "reworking" stronger ones.

    I would rather just have prayer beads removed. After that's removed survivors shouldn't have an excuse to DC and instead start looking for tricks to beat her. If a killer main manages to figure out how a survivor acts with 4 people every match. You should be able to figure out a killer easier.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I understand! I merely ask you stay civil to both sides! After all, everyone here whines at some point!

    Though I will agree to the second thing! I have to figure out 12 perks, 4 items, 12 possible add-ons AND how the person seems to play. Add to that how gens are focused down and it gets to be alot! Killer is rather stressful, and if you disagree (people reading this), go play Killer for a bit!

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    Trust me when I say I'm still being civil at this point. I just find it funny how foolish people can be. I attempt to help them, but its usually meh. Everyone has there own playstyle some are better at this game then others. Yet the core problem is everyone in this game is entitled and feels they are the only correct one and find like minded people.

    Honestly when it comes to what items people are running I generally assume they are running the best medkits or insta medkits, same with toolboxes and flash lights. Better to assume and they dont have it then assume they dont and get behind. It's a joke though

    Survivor's 4 items, 8 addons, 16 perks, 4 playstyles


    Killer's 2 addons, 4 perks, 1 playstyle.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Well it is an asymmetrical game! Though I do agree the balance still feels wonky!

    As far as everyone having different playstyles... I main Legion! I always feel like i'm one of the few that do!

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    I dunno how to explain how I even play. I dont engage in chases too long without a pallet or hit. I dont engage in broken loops except maybe one or two go arounds to see if they mess up. I absolutely hate camping and tunneling. Hatch dont bother me. I plan for endgame from spawn and change perks depending on survivors in the lobby. I also typically try to match the survivors I'm paired with skill level so everyone can have fun.

    I main Spirit, Huntress, Pig, and Hag. I used to play Nurse, but Spirit was just more appealing to me mechanically and aesthetically. As long as it's not Billy I'll play whoever I feel is right at that moment.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Makes sense to me! That's like me and Nurse! I can't play her cause her blinks make me wanna puke! I never camp or tunnel and honestly have my perks set up to reward fast pick ups too!

    I normally go easy on anyone I see that seems new, till they BM. I don't mind if people get away, as long as I feel like I had some effect in the match!

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    Play who you enjoy I've seen some of the worse killers have some incredible skill.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    One day i'll be that one Legion you get and get to the post game, see the name, and go "OH no WONDER I died!"

    It's a good goal! That's where i have fun in the game. What about you?

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    Unlikely honestly

    I play survivor seriously on PS4 and Killer casually and the exact opposite on PC, but if I do ever get ya I'll definitely say hi it's me Liru gg.

    Lately all I care about is Pig xD shes so dang fun. I cant get enough of her. Shes the only killer i actually add ruin on because it compliments her RBT instead of my usual no ruin or Corrupt Intervention.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Piggy is fun! I can't get a handle on her though

    Also i know it's unlikely, but that is what makes it worth chasing!

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    Run Whispers, Monitor and Abuse, Ruin, and whatever else perk u think will help. It will help you out immensely.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Good idea!

    Back to the topic slightly, I do wonder how many of the people that think there is no counterplay think that cause of youtubers that only upload victories or streamers that complain constantly.

  • GennyFromTheBlockGennyFromTheBlock Member Posts: 113



    But the Killah Mainz are trying their hardest to shout over logic and balance by making redundant and distracting threads every day about "DoNt NeRf tEh SpiRiT!"

    You can list every possible "counter-play" for the Spirit, but the fact remains that counter-play for the Spirit is the equivalent of hiding a coin in one of your hands, putting your hands behind your back, and asking someone to choose which hand has the coin. They picked left when they should have picked right.

    And that 🅿️eriodT!

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,903

    No idea honestly she has the counter play, but the hints for it are tiny and can be overwhelming to learn. I would probably be on the other side of this argument if I had not played her for over a year and know her addons and mechanics by heart.

    It's odd i feel shes balanced, but balanced in a incredibly strong way.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I feel like that is the best way to put it.

    Honestly, alot of the Killers struggle and it's always been weird to me. The only ones that don't struggle get screamed at to be nerfed (normally by the extreme of the survivor side, which makes it look bad)

    Killers don't really feel like the power role, or at least most of them don't. In this kinda game, that's so weird to feel, Ya know?

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