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Permanent sprint burst

i had this match where somehow a person obtained a nearly permanent sprint burst,where it stayed on until end game.

Video: https://youtu.be/XZqqLSIhP70


  • ViolentSh4deViolentSh4de Member Posts: 55

    this video is 13 minutes long, where does this happen

    also its always legions complaining about this lol

  • ViolentSh4deViolentSh4de Member Posts: 55

    Glitch Starts at 4:30

    Watching you play legion terribly on 20 fps makes my stomach [BAD WORD] churn

  • wwtyrewwtyre Member Posts: 2

    i mean it is a bug so i wanted to report it. wasnt a video for a coaching series on youtube. Also wanted to show a before the glitch started so i kept the first chase in there.

  • TolgeyyTolgeyy Member Posts: 1

    I already reported this bug via Support ticket a few days ago. It accured for me when the Killer (Plague in my case) slugged me. When my team mate picked me up, I had a permanent Sprint Burst on me. But not only that, I wasn't just running but also skipping across the place. I have a short clip from my stream when it happened, tho that's not where it ended. It kept going until I ran into the killer so they can kill me and get me out. https://www.twitch.tv/tolgeyy/clip/SmoothInterestingJayMcaT?filter=clips&range=24hr&sort=time

  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 603

    Dude, I was just about to post. It's a bug, it has JUST happened to me. I stood up with unbreakable+SHIFT and I started running like crazy. Then the killer downed me again (well, I let him down me) just to test and then a David picked me up and the infinite sprint burst was gone. The killer couldn't catch me, and I was gaining insane distance.

    I had to SWEAR the killer I was not cheating.

    I'll post it in a new thread anyway.

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