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Why I don't like the Rift. (Archives are fine but not the Rift)

Lets be real here, The Archives was a good idea to keep the lore going with Challenges (And you wouldn't have to wait 24 hrs for a New Daily Ritual).

The Only thing I disagree with is the Battlepass aka "The Rift"

This game on Xbox is $30

This game on Steam is $20

The Game in Ps4 is $30

The Game on Nintendo Switch is $40

The Mobile Version.. Free...?

All Versions have about 14 DLC's (Clothing Packs, Paragraphs & Chapters) [Some are Pre-installed on Console Versions]

So you either spend alot of money one the game and the DLC's or you just played 999K Hours just to unlock DLC characters Separately For Free Pretty much.

Either way you waste Either time or Money.

How a Battlepass works (In Battle Royals):

-In Call of Duty Black Ops 4 The Battle Pass Tier System is Free (Because it was a $60 game and wasn't free)

-In PUBG a $40 game on Xbox, makes you pay $10 Per BattlePass (Even though you bought the game they decided to make you pay more for extra features that should have came with it..? And Heck the game is buggy as heck.)

-In FortNite which is a FREE game (Aka Costs $0 - Kinda Like The Mobile version of DbD [Unknown if will stay]) makes users pay $10 which is understandable if they didn't pay anything to play the game and Allows you to do challenges to EARN the Premium Version of the pass.

Now in Dead by Daylight's case they are going with a Mix of PUBG and FortNite, They introduced Challenges (The Archives) and they Introduced a $10 Battlepass (Even though the game is a Paid version...).

I don't like the Rift for this reason. Me paying for a premium track even though I should have gotten it either way because I BOUGHT THE GAME. I wouldn't have an issue with "The Rift" if they put something at the end of the Archives to "Automatically Upgrade" to the Premium pass. But no. They want to make Exclusive Cosmetics ONLY in the Premium web of "The Rift" where users who bought the game previously and don't want to waste their money on a Stream of in game stuff get screwed over.

Here's what the Free Pass gets you: (About 10 Items [Never counted just wanted to get my point across])

-Common & Uncommon Charms

-Certain "Rare parts of Reused Outfits"

-Putrid Serum

Here's what Premium gets you: (About 80 New Items Including ones in the Free Pass)

-Common, Uncommon, Rare Charms

-Rare, Very Rare Outfit Parts

-Putrid Serum

-Acruic Cells

So people who bought the game and doesn't want to waste their money and actually want to play get screwed over 70 times over (Cause they can only earn about 10 New items Per web).

If they added a way to upgrade to the premium for free then i wouldn't have an issue. But this is just Money hungry and ANY sane person would see it.

Feel Free to express your opinions BUT don't tag me, I just wanted to express my opinion and my opinion only. All my Statements have been recorded above.


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