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What the Highest level of play looks like.

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If the vod isn't at 01:43:40 then change it to that time.

This is a vod from Space Esport's (They've gotten better since the anniversary tourney, Marth joined them.) showcasing how strong a coordinated swf can be. The link above should start right at the beginning of one of the matches. The main system of points used was escapes vs kills, so you know the general scoring. All killers and survivors allowed except for the new Stranger Things dlc and it's perks. All perks allowed. Nurse was only allowed two perks. No addons items or offerings allowed. Map was Rotten Fields.

Here's another match for your viewing pleasure.


And another one.


If the devs wanted to truly balance the game, then they'd take a hard look at these matches. Balancing for casual play leads to this kind of balance. Every player has the potential to play as good as the players shown here, it's simply a matter of effort that a lot of people don't want to put in. That's completely understandable. But we need to choose, do we balance around this level of play, or do we balance around the casual level? And how do we "balance" for casual? Does that mean the side with the bigger population gets to be strong because simply they have more people to please? What is it that DBD should be balanced by?

EDIT: Keep in mind that KYF spectator is absolute garbage in its current state. Devs haven't cared for it since the disaster that was the anniversary tournament.


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