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(NA)(XBOX1) 2V2 Sandbag DBD Tournament this Saturday October 5th

SpicyScarberianSpicyScarberian Member Posts: 11
edited October 2019 in Tournaments

Hello and welcome to the first ever Allies and Enemies Tournament!

I am excited to introduce our tournament series where survivors are pit against each other in a 2 on 2 battle against the killer and the opposing team. Winning team is the one with more combined points at the end of the game.

If you are interested in registering yourself or your team please add and message @SpicyScarberian on Xbox. Rules and bracket posted below.

Best 2/3 Win bracket format

Killer changes every game

Double elimination: so losing one match DOESN'T mean you're out.

Killer will host

  1. Team mates will play the same survivor (no Claudette or p3) but be identifiable
  2. Killer will screenshot results screen.


All items are banned. Items found in boxes can be used.

All Pink add ons banned

Bubba/Billy - Insta Saw

Spirit - Prayer beads

Hag - Rusty Shackles

Myers - All Tombstone Pieces

Legion - Filthy Blade




Prove Thyself




No Spirit Fury + Enduring

No Sloppy Butcher + Thanataphobia

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