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Main killers: fairplay or merciless

I am main killer, trying my best to be a good doctor, so far I can't complain but.... But I use overcharge and no matter if the survivors escaped or not I always need to read in chat that I am bad, can't play, noob... Just because of overcharge perk.

I start to not to use it anymore for the sake of a fun play also for survivors.

Here is the question: am I right in thinking that also main killer (like me) sometimes need to think about the fun of the trial also for our 4 survivors, maybe not being the super merciless killer that hook all of them asap? I do like to hook all 4 of them but I do also like if they had a fun game and fair. Let me know what's your thinking on this.



  • marvelmoviemarvelmovie Member Posts: 195

    Well I feel you can see how the game escalates, then decide if you want to have the fun or survivor's turn to have the fun, but majority you should enjoy your game. Play how you want absolutely brutal or merciful, I can't believe I been so pacified into giving survivor's so many options to have fun at my expense, don't be like me

  • PeenutsButt3rPeenutsButt3r Member Posts: 659

    Play fair, if necessary try hard a little bit to get 4K, if not just play casually and don't be salty, sometimes you lose sometimes you win, it's all good.

  • FriendlyGuyFriendlyGuy Member Posts: 2,768

    I play fair as long as survivors do the same. Teabagging? Clicky clicky? Get ready to get focused.

  • Starbricks19Starbricks19 Member Posts: 74

    Thanks to all of you, I like all the answers so far and all of you are right. It's up to me depending also on the behaviour of the survivors, they troll me? Get hooked (when I can). I also do realize that doctor is one of a kind, annoying and frustrating, but I do think he's really cool to play.

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 825

    My opinion on this. I try to play, so that everyone has fun for two reasons:

    1. Keep in mind that you're playing with actual human beings, not npcs. Sometimes people play this game to vent aggression that they can't vent in real life, so if anyone is being toxic against you either as a killer or survivor, most of the time they're actually the opposite in real life and use the position of power in a video game to make themselves feel significant. Think about this, do you really want to go down to their level and return the toxicity? I don't. Say gg and move on. Getting into arguments with these people is not healthy for your own salinity.

    2. This is for killer playstyles specifically. The killer role is the active one, whereas survivor is a lot more passive. As killer you're constantly doing something - chasing, hooking, etc - there is no downtime. As survivor, a lot of the time you'll spend almost 50 percent or more of your of the game sitting on gens/cleansing totems, running around the map etc. There's actually a lot less for you to do.

    If I get destroyed as a killer, I still got into a few chases, hooked a few survivors and got a bunch of blood points i.e. I actually got to play the game.

    If I get destroyed and/or tunneled as a survivor, what did I actually get to do? Sat on a gen for a bit, had 1 chase and then sat on a hook. I'd feel I didn't really get to play the game apart from that 1 chase however long that was. And what's the reward? 5000 bps l, maybe less. Pretty lackluster.

    Furthermore, as killer I have a lot more time to enjoy the game. Once I've killed a survivor, I still get to play with the other 3. But how about the dead survivor - what did they get to do - did they get at least 3 chases? If so, then I'm happy with my contribution towards their experience - apart from those 3 chases it's up to them to make sure they enjoyed the rest of their time.

    And on the last point from a survivor perspective - how to make sure that the chase is fun for the killer as well, so they'd want to play normally rather than just get rid of you early in the game? Well.. Don't loop around a single object for ages.. Make a couple of loops, drop a pallet and then move on to the next tile.. Try to lose the killer.. Rely more on tiles without line of sight that require more active participation from both sides. I can't imagine anyone enjoys running in circles.

    This ended up a bit lengthier than I expected. Thanks for reading.

  • arslaNarslaN Member Posts: 1,866

    Just don't go out of your way to ruin survivors fun, other than that play whatever or however you want.

  • martin27martin27 Member Posts: 675

    It seem like the majority of survivors (not all) have a cry baby mentality, "you're not going to lie down and let us stomp you into the dirt, your a noob and a cheater and you suck". There is nothing you can do to appease them so don't try and just play the way you want.

  • PGJSFPGJSF Member Posts: 180

    Ok first of all you absolutely can’t be a “good” doctor because everybody hates doctor and for good reasons. He is simply annoying. Not being able to perform actions because madness 3? Annoying. That pallet wasn’t real? Annoying. Wanna play stealth in a horror game where it’s actually possible against any other killer? lol, nope, the Doc is here.

    Having that said, you should play the game to have fun yourself. Doc is annoying (have I said that?) but he’s fair enough, maybe even a little underperforming, so you truly don’t need to handicap yourself to make the survivors happy. Play the way you want.

  • kcwolf1975kcwolf1975 Member Posts: 537

    Play fair when you can and ignore the post game chat. Some people will complain no matter what. My advice is use BBQ which will encourage you not to camp but also give you bonus blood points. Also, always try to get the person that is unhooking rather than the person that just got unhooked. This will help you avoid being accused of tunneling (and avoid decisive strike) As soon as the gates are powered then you can throw these rules out the window, do whatever necessary to get some kills.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,957

    I typically give what I get. If I sense that it's an even match or the survivors are definitely playing to win, then I'm playing to win. If it looks like I'm way above the survivors' skill level or they have one or two people D/C, I go easy and usually let one or two go.

  • Triggered55Triggered55 Member Posts: 24

    I am a killer main all the way, i almost never play survivor.

    When i'm in a game as killer i always love to destroy the survivors. I show no mercy, except if like 2 ppl DC.

    But being a ruthless killer and not caring about what survivors think is the way the game was meant to be played.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 2,737

    Just play how you want. As long as you aren't being a tunneling camper they have no right to complain. I agree with @Mochan that doctor is annoying to play against. But play who you want and how you want.

  • PotEtUPotEtU Member Posts: 44

    USe iri king doc with pop, overcharge, and two of your choices. And enjoy the salt

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,028
    edited October 2019

    Fair play is a rather skewed concept in this game, loaded with double standards, and player biases. Take your scenario for example:

    1. You are playing the Doctor, of whom survivors find annoying because he defeats stealth as part of his base kit unless they bring in Calm Spirit to prevent themselves from screaming.
    2. You are also using Overcharge, which is a relatively useless perk on most killers, but on the Doctor it can be very troublesome because at madness 2 the skill checks jump around the screen for survivors 66% of the time. This makes hitting that tiny skillcheck more difficult for survivors, which results in more failures than would happen on any other killer. Pair this with Unnerving Presence, and you increase its difficulty even further.
    3. Doctor is in no way considered a broken or OP killer despite his advantages against stealth, and his potential to anti-loop. Experienced players know how to avoid the madness gain, and can otherwise juke him at loops consistently because he is inherently still an M1 killer. So no matter how "Un-fun" survivors find going up against a Doctor, they honestly don't have a harder time against him than they would against killers like Shape, or Pig. Yet they'll cry about it regardless.

    Here's a common Double Standard of what survivors call "Fair Play":

    Survivors can go in with full meta perks and OP Items/add-on's, but the moment a killer does in order to try and counter this, they are called a "Tryhard, Sweaty, OP, Trash killer!" Regardless of whether or not the killer actually wins or loses. Which honestly comes across as hypocritical and entitled gibberish in the context of a 4v1 game.

    The way I see it, you are a human being too, and deserve to have as much fun playing the game as the survivors do. While playing killer the odds are stacked against you more often than not which really puts a crimp on the feeling of the "Power Role" that killers are supposed to fall into. We're all People pitting our skills, Strategies, and Earned builds against each other in this game, so with that in mind, I'll just state this as my overall answer to your Fair play question:

    Play the game how you want to play it and have fun. The killers role is to kill, the survivors is to survive, both by any means necessary. Anyone who has a problem with that should direct their hate at the game mechanics that allow either side to do their job more effectively, not the player who takes advantage of it.

    Ergo, If Survivors never hold back on their builds or tactics, as a killer... why should you?

  • terumisanterumisan Member Posts: 879
    edited October 2019

    Lol playing fair? Why should you since your goals are opposing

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 2,866
    edited October 2019

    I never show mercy during my Killer games. Even if it looks like I'm showing mercy, I'm not. You're still going to die, but there's other things that I need to focus on first. Just don't go out of your way to make the games unfun. Like don't target one Survivor and make their experience as miserable as possible or go in intending to make the game last an hour. If one of those things happens to occur even though you aren't trying, then don't sweat it, especially if it's a Survivor complaining that the game was unfun. Their idea of fun could easily involve bullying the Killer all game and the fact that you killed them fair and square is upsetting them.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 3,984

    Dead by Daylight is by its very nature a competitive game (even if you play casually) as it pits 1 killer vs 4 survivors all fighting to either escape/kill or earn their "pip".

    If you want to go for that 4 kill game then do it.

    If you want to let everyone escape while you dance in the center of the map as Leatherface, do it.

    Play this game however you want (aside from using exploits/cheats) and don't let anyone else ruin your enjoyment.

    I let survivors go in some cases and I mercilessly hunt them down in others, to me it all depends on my goal that match and my whimsical mood.

    The key thing to remember here is that you will find "toxic" people on both sides of this game who will try and ruin your day for their enjoyment. Ignore them and move on because despite the negative image this community has garnered there are PLENTY of great people who truly make this community worth investing time into.

  • CetrenCetren Member Posts: 917

    A big factor for me is how they play. If I can tell that they're communicating with each other, and just being generally toxic, I'll go out of my way to make the match as frustrating as possible, even at the cost of me winning. If they're just screwing around, using meme perks, or doing poorly, maybe it's time to ease up and just enjoy the match.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,462

    as long as you aren't being a crappy human being in DBD on purpose, any negativity you receive is unwarranted and should be completely disregarded.

    Overcharge isn't even that bad of a perk, its just more effective on Doctor, which is obviously why you took it.

    If they are upset at the end of the game, they're angry about their lack of skill when it comes to skill checks and are projecting it at you. You did nothing wrong taking the perk.

  • Ol_Philly_SixOl_Philly_Six Member Posts: 29

    Bro, if they're crying about overcharge then they're "bad, can't play, noob" overcharge skill checks are easy, sometimes the first one will catch me off guard if I'm not expecting it, but doctors usually run it so I always expect it with them. I've never gotten higher than rank 6 so I'm not even a good survivor main, and I'm still saying this.

  • xBEATDOWNSxxBEATDOWNSx Member Posts: 339

    [BAD WORD] them cowards. Do your job as a killer.

  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,863

    Add Huntress Lullaby and makes those skill checks even better.

  • Blackowt_9120Blackowt_9120 Member Posts: 300

    I see it as a service to the survivor community to play as viciously as possible because that makes people better. I don’t go out of my way to tunnel except with ooo(but sometime you get off a hook and run into me, that’s fate screwing you over), and I rarely camp unless its the right move.

  • starkiller1286starkiller1286 Member Posts: 649

    I have never been harassed because of overcharge but it really is just an insurance perk. Synergizes well with survellance, pop goes and lullaby especially as doc and certain madness addons. Though at higher ranks it'll be lackluster.

  • Merciless, you don't know true pain

    *sobs in Legion main*

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 2,676

    That does depend on one's opinion though. I personally enjoy going against Doctor a lot.

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