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Tier 1 Michael

MumboJumboMumboJumbo Member Posts: 16
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Do you think this deserves a nerf or does it need to stay as it is?

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  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,641

    Nah it is fine the way it is, but he can be pallet looped miserably with the right team.

    Monitor and Abuse is a must with Myers I think. He has no terror radius at all with MnA going. The scratched mirror is powerful, but can't do anything with looping hardly. Against a good team that is.

  • only1biggsonly1biggs Member Posts: 1,178

    A nerf? You can just run in a straight line or loop him all match. Tier 1 Myers needs bloodlust 1 back to be viable against people with a brain.

    Bloodlust in general should be removed though, it rewards bad play. Maybe the Hag can have tier 1 also, but that's it.

  • RuniverRuniver Member Posts: 2,095

    This should answer the question.

    Trees > MM 1.

  • Michael_MyersMichael_Myers Member Posts: 104

    @MumboJumbo said:
    Do you think this way of playing deserves a nerf or does it need to stay as it is?

    Love your minecraft vids xD

  • TaconterTaconter Member Posts: 25

    it needs to be buffed by giving him bloodlust back
    i was literally ran around the edge of the asylum map as mirror myers, multiple times

  • Mechkiller3425Mechkiller3425 Member Posts: 54
    i dont really have an issue with MM1, lmao
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