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What version of Iridescent Heads would not cause mass disconnects?

So, since the Nurse recently got a rework of all of her addons we were able to take a glimpse into certain "Standards" that are apparently now applied to every killer's addons rarities. With that in mind and a fresh game of 2 people DCing vs Iridescent heads under my belt i thought i'd be fun to play designer for a minute: How could Iridescent Heads be changed to not cause such waves of disconnects?

The way i see it Iridescent heads are VERY strong but definitely beatable unless you get unlucky with the map you play on (lots of narrow corridors or very tiny maps are gonna make dodging 3 hatchets quite the task)

So i thought i'd just flatout ASK for peoples opinions on how they think Iridescent Heads could be altered to make players less likely to simply quit against them.

Lets start with the most tame change in design, the one that actually leaves the instadown effect intact:

1) Leave the Iridescent Heads addon exactly as it is, except it now MANDATES you can only carry a single hatchet. No more going up to three with the belt. You get one shot, you can use other addons like Deerskin Gloves to make reloads more forgiving, or charge up time to make a hit easier, but if you miss your shot, there's actual risk/reward to it because you are forced to reload

Now, with that idea of a very minor change out of the way, let's throw in some other ideas on how they could be changed in a more drastic manner.

2) Iridescent Heads no longer inflict a penalty on the amount of Hatchets you can carry. Instead of "Dying", they now apply the "Deep Wound" effect. Sure this would make Huntress a ranged legion, but i think that'd make less people ragequit than a ranged billy ;)

3) Hitting a survivor with an Iridescent Head doesn't instadown that survivor anymore. Instead anyone in the range of your Huntress Song becomes Exposed for X (30?60?) seconds. This could lead to some interesting dynamics of attacking other survivors over your the one you just injured, rewarding a defensive style oriented towards Thanatophobia, Dying light etc.

4) Iridescent Heads applies the Broken Status Effect for 120??? Seconds. This one is kinda harsh, her mangled effects last 120 seconds but i don't think she should dish out broken for that long. In particular in combination with the Vile Addon that applies Mangled and the 50% Repair penalty this could be a bit too disgusting. Maybe leave it at 60 seconds.

5) Iridescent Heads stay wherever they impact and can be retrieved by the huntress by walking past them for the next X seconds. Basically an automated reload which would VERY much extend your arsenal during a chase. Not sure that's good enough to be a red addon, but a lot of utility addons are, so why not.

6) And lastly, since we already have a (temporary) blindness effect, i think we could have a red huntress addon that applies the new Oblivious status effect. This could replace Iridescent Heads but it could also flatout be a brand new addon, since the nurse redesign workshop basically stated killers are supposed to have two red addons.

What do you guys think? I know number 4 through 6 could pretty much just be a seperate new addon as well - and i personally think Iridescent heads are FINE as they are. I can pretty much consistently blackpip against them unless the huntress REALLY camps me down. Most of the time as soon as "oh its instahatchets" is revealed you hear 1-3 Gong noises for people disconnecting anyway, which i think is stupid but seems to simply be a reality of the community and the entitlement of my fellow random teammates thinking they dont NEED to see the match through.

What's your favorite? Would you change Iridescent Heads at all? Which one of my versions would you like to see in the game, be it as an Iridescent replacement, or as a new red addon alltogether?


  • WTBaconWTBacon Member Posts: 588
    edited October 2019

    I have a pretty simple idea.

    Maybe just add an extra downside to it, like so.

    Iridescent Head

    A glass-like Hatchet head molded from The Fog itself. The blade is warm and reverberating with The Entity's power.

    • Inflicts Dying upon the victim.
    • Reduces maximum carried Hatchet amount by 4.
    1. Slightly decreases your movement speed while winding up your throw action.
    2. Considerably increases Hatchets wind-up time.
    3. etc.

    I think one of the biggest problems it has is that the decreased Hatchets carried is just so easily countered by using Infantry Belt. If it had other downsides, you would be choosing which one you negate. So instead of Infantry Belt for more Hatchets, maybe take Flower Babushka so it won't be as difficult to land hits.

    edit: Forgot to add, I absolutely think this add-on needs to change. Your first idea is my favorite.

  • gaydavidkinggaydavidking Member Posts: 154

    These all sound pretty good, compared to the way they are now. 1 sounds more fair considering the skill required to actually hit hatchets, 2 sounds like a flat nerf but could be good, and 3 could be interesting but I feel the amount of time for the Exposed effect is too short for most Huntress players to be able to catch up to those survivors, especially since her hatchets don't count towards Exposed hits.

    4 is my favorite personally, especially with the full 120 seconds of Broken effect, since it still gives the game a sense of danger when survivors do get hit but without the unfairness of a one-hit from across the map.

    5 is the weakest of these suggestions imo, and 6 would be good if the Huntress didn't have a map-wide lullaby already alerting survivors to her proximity. Unless you meant it would silence her lullaby, then that would be REALLY good!

    All in all, I really liked your suggestions! They're all very creative and could add excitement to the game instead of just number tweaks. Good job!

  • TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172

    I would like to know how to not have the Huntress dc after the third gen when she has this add-on ? Is it a bug ?

  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 114

    I mean we had 2 people ragequit on their first hooks and still got two gens done because she didn't have ruin. Gens get done ridicolously fast and the huntress with her complete lack of map pressure definitely suffers a LOT from this.

    That could be another idea for a red addon for her. Hatchets with a built in Surge effect that explode a gen for 8? 12? percent of repair and start regressing it, so when she chases people off a gen she can just chugg one of 3? Hatchets at it to start it regressing immediatly. Another possible one where i would definitely reduce the amount of hatchets carried, but that could help her with the crippling lack of map pressure that's currently giving her a very hard time if she doesnt stack gen slowing perks.

    And of course just like there are entitled survivors that think there's no point in finishing a match (hint hint the recent change from -3 pips for a DC to -1 pip is VERY much encouraging DCs) the same is true for killers. Like "omfg i used this addon to kill the ######### outa these guys and i still cant get anyone" (cause turns out if you only have 3 shots and you're not a good huntress you can still get wrecked if you lack gen prevention perks)

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,573

    How about making it one of those gameplay-changing Add-ons?

    Y'know, how Hag becomes a wall-builder with Scarred Hand, Shape becoming spoop-master with Scratched Mirror, etc. etc.

    Btw, in case you don't know me: Hi. I like making ideas without necessarily wanting them, so do note that, if you don't like this idea for whatever reason, it doesn't mean that i say this should absolutely be in the game, it's just for the fun of making ideas.

    Iridescent Head

    A glass-like Hatchet head moulded from The Fog itself. The blade is warm and reverberating with The Entity's power.

    • Thrown Hunting Hatchets warp back to her belt once they hit something.
    • Sets maximum carried Hunting Hatchets amount to 1.
    • Trumps all other Add-ons.
  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    That second one would make it worthless.

    This is really fun sounding.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    Also, just wanna say I like the tone of this post. It's not rude at all and seems like it wants to help.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 146

    I like this idea as well; it would be fun to keep chucking hatchets without having to reload! I also like gameplay-changing add-ons.

    If they ever rework Huntress add-ons to give her two ultra rares, a potential other gameplay-changing one could be to remove her ax and increase her movement speed to 4.6 mps so you can no longer M1 people but you move faster.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,613

    I really like this idea actually. If not for iri heads it could be a second ultra rare for her.

    Simply not having to reload is a pretty strong bonus by itself even if it takes the hatchet a moment to return to you after throwing it.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,366
    • Iridecents head now delete 3 random owned perks from all characters of the person who ragequits when this addon is equipped.
    • It also keeps its old effects.

    Boom, changed it for less ragequits.


    The infinite ammo idea sounds nice, but it'll probably be reduced to:

    • You cannot find hatchets in lockers
    • Reduces amount of hatchets by 3-4
    • Reloads 1 hatchet every 20 seconds
    • Obligatory unecessary penalty to movement speed

    You know, "for counterplay"

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 11,355

    Let's re-word it a bit so it doesn't just arbitrarily "trump all other add-ons:"

    -Lose all Hatchets after throwing one.

    -Automatically reload all Hatchets when a Survivor is injured by one.

    Boom, now it just nonbos with Leather Loop and Infantry Belt by design rather than because the perk says so.

  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 114

    Huntress is one of my absolutely favorite killers, and probably one of the ones that will suffer the most from the... less amazing aspects of the dedicated servers, as her hatchets are going to become even more inconsistent.

    I dislike that in her current state the best play against her is to simply loop her with more distance, abusing her low movement speed and lack of gen pressure to finish all 5 gens in like 4 minutes. It's not fun to play against her that way and it's not fun to have that played against me. Feels like im playing Ruin RNG with a few sprinkles of DbD in between.

    So if anything can be done to make her kit more interesting and give her powerfull addons that people dont automatically quit against, that'd be a great reason to play her more. Right now the only reason i feel like i CAN play her is because im in low ranks. Once i hit rank 7 i'll start running into mass DS adrenaline toolboxes again

  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 114

    Little addition out of sheer adamant frustration, if the Dedicated Servers don't get VASTLY improved and we don't return to Peer2Peer hosting on stable ~100ms ping, i guess the huntress is a completely RNG/dead killer anyway. She never was the most consistent, but with Dedicated Servers on it's just a complete shitfest... Hatchets going right through people, Hatchets hitting and impacting on open air where survivor hitboxes were multiple seconds ago... i'm going to stop playing her completely at this point. It's no use.

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