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About console nurse

TheLuckyPicklesTheLuckyPickles Member Posts: 2

The nurse on console, for whatever reason, has a slowed sensitivity while blinking (think hillbilly chainsaw while blinking.) Previously this was annoying, but not too bad to deal with as you could just blink again. Now however, every blink will matter reducing the overall viability of the console nurse. There have been plenty of times as nurse where I knew I missed because of this and I find that frustrating as this slowdown doesn't even exist on PC. For all you console nurse mains out there, is this a problem that is specific to me? Or does this actually need to get addressed?


  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,398

    The sensitivity for all killers should be addressed anyways since the survivors sensitivity is faster which makes 360 possible where it shouldnt be... the only time 360 should be possible is if the killer messes up...

    But yes, being consistent is something that bhvr wants do/be... so them making nurse be able to turn while blinking like she does on PC should happen..

  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 411

    I turn while blinking on console and I do agree that the sensitivity on console needs to be addressed but it only goes to 100 right now on killer and survivor. I play survivor at 100 at all times and nurse too. I am concerned about the new nurse on console though...

  • JiggleWiggleJiggleWiggle Member Posts: 301

    Nurse on console is sadly garbage when the ping is over 100

    I see the reasons here and its really sad to look at percentage of people who got the nurse trophies

    Maybe the least played killer on PlayStation since the game was published there :'(

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