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Something is wrong with toolboxes

OOhhhh... NO, toolboxes have VERY huge problem:

  • The repair speed in general IMHO is ok, gen rush scenario must exist in the game to force killers apply pressure and not camp, but toolboxes are merciless, 2 decent toolboxes with charge and speed add-ones are already very strong. Toolboxes are so (BADWORD) unbalanced, yeah I am talking about Commodious with repair speed add-ons. 3 men with these toolboxes - most likely no chances even with slow down.
  • Also, toolbox is the most boring survivor item. Med-kits make you independent, flashlights - help during chases and possible save from the grasp, maps - very good information (of course with add-ons), keys - no word needed, but toolboxes just increase action speed and no more (sabotage is dead mechanic, it doesn’t work in most situations)

Toolboxes should be relooked and reworked, the game needs it so much. What do you think?

Changes I would like to see:

  • Repair speed bonuses of all toolboxes are reduced to 9%
  • Mechanic’s and Engineer’s toolboxes now have 130 charges and increase Great Skill Checks success zones by 30%. The last one increases reward for succeeding a Great Skill Check by 2%. Buffs are not applied while sabotaging.
  • Increase rarity of repair speed add-one to Rare and Very Rare and reduce their speed bonuses (6/11 % instead of 10/15 %). No longer stack with each other.
  • Increase rarity of charge add-one to Uncommon and Rare, no changes
  • Toolboxes can be used to “hack” Exit Gates’ Switch Boxes until gates are powered. It takes 8 seconds and reduces the opening time of the Exit Gate by 40% (to 12 seconds). Counters Remember Me. The toolbox consumption rate during this is increased by 400% (40 charges will be wasted)
  • Skill Checks affecting should be changed (Spring Clamp and Grip Wrench now grant additional increase Great Skill Checks succes zones while repairing, sabotaging and hacking a switch box by 20/30 %. No longer stack with effects of other add-ons and toolboxes’s own buffs)
  • Sabotage. Cutting Wire and Hacksaw now also increase the time hooks remain sabotaged by 30/60 seconds. Still Stack.
  • Protective Gloves now Very Rare. The progression no longer stops in the events you fail skill checks or generator is damaged by Hex Skill Checks while repairing, sabotaging and hacking a switch box.

P.s. I am not a Survivor main.


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