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Please help, xbox crashing

Okay so im basically in love with this game but i can barely play as either side due to to the game causing my xbox one s to crash, ive taken all the steps to see if i can fix the problem but i cant, uninstalled and reinstalled, started custom match then reset game, everything, still doesnt help, happens mainly when i try to play survivors, me and my friends get in a lobby w a killer and its right at the start of the loading screen and my xbox shuts off, happens the same w killer but only like 2/10 times. Am i the only one having this problem? Would like to know if its my xbox or the game. Its digitally installed btw. Any help would be appreciated because like i said this game rocks 😭😭😭


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,046

    If it's just shutting down the console, that sounds like an overheating issue.

    Have you made sure the console has plenty of air flow? How old is it? (may need someone to take it apart and give it a GOOD clean)

  • itsbskyitsbsky Member Posts: 4

    When i turn the xbox back on it does say it overheated but literally none of my other games cause it to crash the way DBD does, its always right before the offering screen it just shuts off, might have to take it apart and clean it to see if it helps, i just wanna be able to play without it doing that 4/5 times 😭

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,046

    Yeah, definitely get it cleaned. I would also recommend kryonaught thermal paste because it doesn't cure (dry out) so it's ideal for something you dont want to take apart on the regular.

  • DeadVisionDeadVision Member Posts: 26

    This has been happening to me too! I also have the game digitally installed and I've never had this problem and it only started very recently- and my Xbox One is as well ventilated as it can be on my desk. Maybe it is as simple as cleaning the console but it feels a little suspect when I've now seen a couple of others experiencing the exact same thing.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,046

    Console heatsinks get full of crap if you use them a lot, so yes, it could easily be that if the console is shutting down.

    360's used to do it too, except they'd flash X number of red lights to let you know it was an overheating issue.

  • honestscripthonestscript Member Posts: 198

    This just started happening to me 3 days ago on PS4. And DBD is the only game that has been crashing. At this point it is unplayable!

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