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Opinion: Freddy is the strongest killer on console

NinoV1NinoV1 Member Posts: 382

So obviously the killer metas on Pc and consoles are a bit different, like for example Nurse was the most powerful on Pc, but a joke on consoles.

Spirit and billy are still pretty popular but truthfully? Freddy is the big dog in red ranks. I could vs billy and spirit all day and not sweat too much. But Freddy? Freddy is straight up painful to face.

His map pressure is insane, his teleport paired with Discordance/Surveillance and Pop goes the weasel is god tier.

His snares are borderline game breaking, basically a clown with no recharge or slow down.

His ability to remain invisible until he’s in your face whilst your asleep shortens the hell out of chases.

His lunge is ridiculous (surely I’m not the only one who thinks this)

His movement speed even though his abilities don’t slow him down is also insane, the only killer not slowed whilst using abilities.

Anyways, I’m not asking for a nerf or anything, but reading blah blah Spirit this and that all day, when Freddy is in my opinion, even stronger, is funny.

Anyone else on consoles agree? Or does no one truly believe Freddy is top tier?

Not sure what he’s like on PC, but he’s just as popular, if not more then spirit on Xbox.



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