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Q&A: 3.3.0 PTB



  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,008

    Have concerns about the archive being too difficult to complete for casual players been addressed?

  • Al_TerAl_Ter Member Posts: 20

    Question about Lore:

    Will we learn more about Vincent, the Keeper of the archive, Vigo and his experiments, especially during Halloween and will there be even more new characters?

  • A_Random_NerdA_Random_Nerd Member Posts: 17

    Will there be DLC killer challenges in the Archive?

  • HaddixHaddix Member Posts: 866

    Will the game have a large graphical update anytime?

  • fahad0595fahad0595 Member Posts: 57

    is Spirit getting any treatment anytime soon? you really cant play the killer without someone dc. because she is broken and specially her add-ons.

  • FibijeanFibijean Member Posts: 8,343

    Many players are concerned that the Rift will take too long to complete (100-200 hours), having done the maths based on information received in the PTB. Are there plans to make changes to the Rift/Tomes so that the completion time falls more in line with the original estimate of 70-80 hours?

  • Joey_SenpaiJoey_Senpai Member Posts: 2

    Will Second Wind be changed to be a bit more useful, like say when you heal someone a full health state, you can active it with your activation button and it will take 30 seconds to heal you. I feel like that would be more useful than healing someone and then using it after you get off the hook?

  • cperincperin Member Posts: 2

    Will we see the toolbox skillcheck add-ons changed or toolboxes and all their add-ons anytime soon?

  • TheBuddoTheBuddo Member Posts: 21

    When are dedicated servers coming to PS4 and XBOX One?

  • ZubeiZubei Member Posts: 1

    Do you think giving T1 Myers undetectable will make him a less unique stealth killer? Being that he was actually undetectable by all perks previously while having a tiny TR anyway.

  • PechenkiPechenki Member Posts: 2

    Will you reduce the gap between the rewards of the paid and free path in the rift?

  • TheIdeaMind2000TheIdeaMind2000 Member Posts: 39

    (Can answer many)

    1 Question

    When are you guys gonna add back the old map offerings?

    2 Question

    Are you gonna add more of a chance for survivors to wiggle off the hook more easily.

    3 Question

    Any changes gonna happen soon to Michael, Pig, Wraith and Ghost face? Because most of their wall hack add-ons are very over powered in some builds they do.

    4 Question

    Are you guys/girls gonna make the main menu more...Comfortable to use?

    5 Question

    Why put less stuff in Free in the "Slash" in pass? You know adding more gaps

    Last Question

    Any updates on the lighting in the game. I mean Macmillan needs to be a bit brighter. Cold wind farm needs to be a bit darker. So does Auto wreckers. (Love the new mist change in the ptb)

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,801

    Shortly after the rework, we were told that Freddy's terrible haemmorhage and blindness add ons would be monitored for their use in order to be determined if changes were needed.

    What is the status on these, seeing as nobody EVER uses them because they have almost no impact on a match at all?

  • KarltastiskKarltastisk Member Posts: 529

    Will there be any buffs to the demogorgon's perks? Or consider some community suggestions like making cruel limits map wide?

  • T2KT2K Member Posts: 637

    can you implement a little minigame while waiting in the lobby. like uno or smth ^^

  • ItzSoulzItzSoulz Member Posts: 368

    Will we get a Tome for every Character in the Game?

  • sundowavesundowave Member Posts: 12

    Will there be achievements added along with the archives?

  • Purple_OrcPurple_Orc Member Posts: 188

    Will there be any fix for the survivor connection error on PS4 and if not are you looking into it?

  • Rex_HoneycutRex_Honeycut Member Posts: 101

    Is anything being done to nerf SWF? I feel that chat should be disabled during play or implented into the game so the killer can hear it within a certain range

  • hinoutoumeihinoutoumei Member Posts: 294

    will you be implementing more serious punishment for trashy trollish nonsense , racist comments and overall toxicity? about 3/4 matches are filled with this nonsense.

    Also, please bring deluxe edition upgrade to steam. Shouldn't have to remove the game from our accounts and rebuy everything just to get an artbook. Actually, just the artbook as a dlc would be nice..not sure anyone cares about payday 2 anymore.

  • ThePaleKing_ThePaleKing_ Member Posts: 77

    Is Spirit on the radar for changes?

    Is intentional DC'ing going to be addressed soon? This sucks on both sides and is ruining the game for everybody.



    Well done on fixing Nurse and Instaheals. These are the best changes you have made for the game in years. Hitting both sides at once is never a bad idea.

    I hope to see you guys continue to hate out the uninteractive mechanics on BOTH sides.

    The Archive is an AMAZING addition to the game and I love that it rewards you for playing both Survivor and Killer. A great way to get people to do play both without forcing them. Whoever came up with that idea, give that guy a promotion.

    The game is looking better and better with each patch. These were strong steps in the right direction.

  • ThePaleKing_ThePaleKing_ Member Posts: 77

    Also Quentin face rework when?????

  • cosmicvoltscosmicvolts Member Posts: 309

    Why was the update delayed? Details beyond unforeseen circumstances. I read somewhere it was because of nintendo switch.

  • SziosisSziosis Member Posts: 198

    Can we expect new features in the future such as adding new statuses or an update to the totem system? Or anything new in general for the core game?

  • shardsshards Member Posts: 91

    some character's hair has been really weird and partly transparent (examples: spirit, nea, feng min, jake's beards, dweard) are you gonna fix this?

  • VSLlVSLl Member Posts: 314

    The community asks very much.

    Question: when?

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,122

    Why was hair textures changed? Talking about ponytails, and stuff like that.

  • DryhighDryhigh Member Posts: 116

    Are you fixing the issue with Seething Entertainer's Mr. Hollow weapon not appearing in Trial? No more "Thumbs Up" while I'm slashing?

  • Steve here, is it okay to ask if my babysitter outfit will release with the patch?

  • SteveyTheExEeveeSteveyTheExEevee Member Posts: 82

    So would we really have to wait until the 2nd batch of challanges a fortnight later to get the claudette and trapper lore extension?

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