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Killer perk idea; Hex: Ruin (rework)

TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
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Same effect but cause a skillcheck everytime a survivor start to repair a generator. If the survivor succeed they become immune from that first skillcheck for 10s. Additionally make the skillchecks randomly change direction.

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  • GeneralSpudmuffinGeneralSpudmuffin Member Posts: 305

    And if they hit that first check, then they become immune to the hex for 15 seconds or until they stop working on the gen

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 399

    Hex Ruin has major pitfalls.

    • Good teams will clear the map of the hex instantly
    • Good teams will continuing "tapping" the generator to avoid skill checks
    • BAD RNG spawns the survivors on top of the hex.
    • Bad teams never find the hex and give up or feed the killer
    • Good players or players with "skill bots" will land every skill-check.

    They really should just amplify the effects of Thana, make that "Ruin" and reduce the cleansing speed of the totem. With good skill checks having no effect.

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