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New hex/obsession perk.

FrodoWillisFrodoWillis Member Posts: 28

"The unforgiven"

Obsession target or random persone(if it's hex) will become "unforgiven"

All survivors near "unforgiven" will have reduced speed(healing,fixing,sabotaging,etc.)And maybe on higher leves,higher chances of trigerin skill chek with smaller sucess zone while this persone is near by.


  • Guy_without_a_planGuy_without_a_plan Member Posts: 36

    Hmm, I'm gonna take a crack at it

    Corrupt Ally

    You are obsessed with 1 survivor

    Any survivor standing within 24 meters of the obsession have their repair, cleanse, healing, opening exitgates, searching, and sabotoging speeds reduced by 20/25/30%

    The obsession has a 25% higher chance to get skill checks

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