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Survivors ablitily to take a multitude of hits

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Now, I know there are going to be strong opinions both ways (hopefully) let's stay constructive and civil.

Should there be a maximum amount of times a survivor can be hit and healed?After which the broken status is applied.

There have been games where it's just not in the cards to chase and down a survivor. Like if they are trying to bait you away from a gen or a hooked team mate. I can usually get the initial hit in but then it's back to the gen to scare off who's working on it, usually landing the hit just to have them start the bait game. Mean while the other bloke has healed and is coming back with the same plan in mind.

Edit: example-If it takes 6 unhealed attacks to kill a survivor, assuming they only heal After being rescued, and say they became broken after the 10th hit, I don't think it would be that much extra pressure on them. And by the time you've taken 10 hits, the game is probably pretty close to over or some hard core tunneling is going down.

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