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Cosmetic QoL changes

hello everyone!

today i would like to share some suggestions regarding possible changes to the cosmetic system, that i believe would make our life easier with it.

save selected cosmetics in the shop

the first one is a well known one.

dont you all hate it, when you look through the shop and think "hey, this body piece combined with this head piece could look really cool!" but you cant actually check it out, as the shop only allows you to review one not purchased item at a time (or the full set, but that wouldnt help if you want to look at a combination of 2 items from different sets)?

why not make it, so that you will be able to select cosmetics and they stay on the character?

we can also add a button "discard all" to the price, that will get rid of all currently selected outfit pieces. you can also add the price it would cost to get that combination and maybe allow to buy it immediately from that editor.

this would make for a huge QoL change regarding the shop and i think everyone would like to see this (as it also has been suggested many times now).

Add the basic / prestiged / legacy outfits to the outfit selection

so, we recently got the ability to immediately select outfits we own for a character, though i never understood why the characters base design is not available there (this includes prestige and legacy outfits - if all are owned for the character).

i think it would only make sense to add these outfits, as they are basically full outfit sets that you own, though you cant quick switch to them for some reason.

Allow us to save cosmetic combinations

as it says above, allow us to save certain cosmetic combinations in order to be able to quickswitch to them whenever we want instead of having to select piece for piece.

i usually have one base look for each character, a combination of outfits i personally like most, though sometimes i like to change things up a little, for example now on halloween i select the Hallowed Blight skins to get into the right mood.

it would be nice to be able to save my favourite cosmetic combination to be able to switch to it asap whenever i feel like changing back.

we would also need the ability to delete such saved cosmetic combos again, in case one doesnt like that combo anymore or they switched out one piece of clothing for another.

maybe add the ability to name them aswell?

e.g. "tryhard cosmetics" or "farm cosmetics". thats be like the cherry on the top ^^

thats all i have for now.

if you would like to add things, please comment below and i might edit them into the main post!

have a wonderful day / night,

i'll see you in the fog!


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