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What used to be the most powerful survivor perk in your opinion?

joshuashep22joshuashep22 Member Posts: 135

What used to be the most powerful survivor perk in your opinion? 33 votes

Old decisive strike
Tzeentchling9Mister_xDIhatelifeBlueberryAcesthetiicMicheal_MyersLirulinielWTBaconahandfulofrainThxForFacecampingLucamaDrybones 12 votes
Old mettle of man aka godmode
PandomMisterCremasterSophisticatedOtterMedicSpirit7AwakeyDr_LoomisjustarandyIceCreamPrincessZackAndCodyKa1ronickofford 11 votes
Old sprintburst with balanced landing
WeedericktwistedmonkeyBossKebekarslaNGrootDudeWalker_of_the_fog_96fly_172InfinyMageDarootLeafstorm 10 votes


  • LirulinielLiruliniel Member Posts: 2,768
    Old decisive strike

    Hook? What hook? Btw Gates are open byeee~

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,658
    edited October 2019
    Old sprintburst with balanced landing

    Old sprint paired with balanced landing.

    30s cool down even when running and each one seperate. 2 possible sprints boosts every 30s and no stagger effect made it easy to get to a safe spot.

    Even stronger when used with old DS 😉

  • WeckWeck Member Posts: 2,942

    Wasn't around for any of those...can't say

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 914
    Old sprintburst with balanced landing

    Old sprintburst saved your booty in so many ways. When the meta was all about reaching infinites and sprintbursting away from campers. It probably had the most game impact, even though old DS felt way worse.

  • LittleLiamLittleLiam Member Posts: 34

    Old Borrowed Time with old Decisive Strike. I play more survivor and Even I think that was horrible.

    It only activated once, but it protected both the hooked and the rescuer. So that's one extra hit. And then if you tried to pick them up you would get decisived, having to hit each person 3 times before they went down after a save. and there Could be 4 of these a match so as long as the team coordinated who did the saving you could deal with this 4 times a match.

    I still don't understand The Mettle of Man hate and stand by "it wasn't that busted"

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    I would say Saboteur.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 9,490
    Old sprintburst with balanced landing

    Old Sprint Burst was [BAD WORD] ridiculous on its own.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 914
    Old sprintburst with balanced landing

    Saboteur was the worst perk in the game. Survivors would happily sabo hooks and waste time, games went on for 10-20 minutes every single game. Sabo jakes were plain useless. I loved seeing 1-2 jakes in the lobby. After hooks respawned, the whole genrush meta started and games got much harder. It was really chill with Sabo, as long as you had Iron Grasp. Survivors brought their own Hex: Hooks.

  • LucamaLucama Member Posts: 457
    Old decisive strike

    I picked DS simply because the question didn't specify if it's within the context of how the game was at the time. Thought if we're talking about old Sprint Burst without the map fixes it'd probably be a bit stronger.

  • PandomPandom Member Posts: 19
    Old mettle of man aka godmode

    Old Borrowed Time was also very strong and probably deserves a spot on this poll.

  • LittleLiamLittleLiam Member Posts: 34

    Combine this with a 4 man swf group all running this and DS, there would be no way the killer would win if they rotated hook saves.

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