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Different game modes

I'm going to be 100% honest about what I think about the game real quick: *The game will never be super popular if there is only one game mode*

The average player will get bored of the same thing over and over. This isn't necessarily a design flaw, It's just something I think alot of people wish could change.

Here an idea for fun, different game mode to spice it up (similar to how Apex has a zombie mode now):

Sacraficial Frenzy: 8 survivors, 2 killers. Always takes place on the largest maps. 10 generators total to complete. Anywhere a gen can spawn, it always will spawn (i.e killer shack)


  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,182

    I want a 5v5 mode.... only 4 survivors race against the other 4 and the killers are pinned against eachother as well and each killere is on a team... thus the 5v5

  • ghostface_tryhard69ghostface_tryhard69 Member Posts: 67

    Just have like special modifiers, like for example survivors can only equip one perk but only have to do 4 generators

  • FrostyFrosty Member Posts: 373

    Killer VS killer

    No idea how it would work, but would be interesting

  • doitagain_doitagain_ Member Posts: 306


    Get ready to get bombarded with

    “It WiLl SpLiT tHe PlAyErBaSe ThOuGh GuYz”

  • PGJSFPGJSF Member Posts: 180

    The average player will get bored of a game that is not designed to attract the average player, it doesn’t matter how many game modes are in it.

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