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HatredgedHatredged Member Posts: 3
edited October 2019 in Other

After my most of games which are i'm gonna take 2 points of rank, the game giving me error about rank update and it's not receiving to my rank and i'm done with it.

if this ticket will not solve this then i'll not play anymore cause if i'm knowing such this thing then dbd support already known about that. So if you will not fix my rank then ban this account and i don't care anything about if you're working on it for public cause it's my time, my rank.

there is a lot of games but i'm playing this all day cause it's fun even with hixbox is #########, ping problems if you're playing survivor and ranks about match making system is ######### cause if i'm rank 10 then i won't play with ppl who's rank 20 18 16 or even with rank 1-5 arround...

didn't you mind anything about rank system guys ? is it dead by daylight or survive with your discord friends ? cause you can only rank with your friends like 4 survivors... otherwise they'll troll and dc... make disconnect punishment harder like 15min you'll not able to enter another match and make ranking system like this; in one trial at ranked, 1-5 ranks together, 5-10 // 10-13(cause after 13 even 12 they're all dcing) and the rest... idk how it's hard but it should be about your statistics they'll not play anymore if you make it serious but trust me i was playing lol and they did the same... they didn't give up on ######### users of playin' this game but true players will leave...

just do something rly... and more, i've tried to submit a ticket for that issue for the first time cause i'm spending a lot of time to rank up but still ticket system is ######### too it's telling confirm it from your email and when you're trying to do it's not doing anything when you click on confirm even with error or something. so i'm done with this game's bugs ^^ why should i try mate ? will i earn something ? a big NO there is a loooot of games and you're still not fixing this game do some more cosmetics... (Y)


  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 12,143

    I made your post a bit more readable.

    So your issue is the rank update error, right? Are you on PC? If so, can you please attach your dbd logs here?

    To get the logs:

    1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up "Run".

    2. Type this in the "Run" prompt: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\DeadByDaylight\Saved\Logs

    3. The file called "DeadByDaylight.log" is your log file.

  • HatredgedHatredged Member Posts: 3

    which one you'll fix ? on every 5th game it's causing rank error and mostly when i take +2...

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 462

    I'm sorry about your bug - you need to realize this company just doesn't care enough to fix bugs in a timely manner. We have to wait for new content to get bug fixes hmmmm and more bugs come with that content. Sad, just sad.

  • BarlibBarlib Member Posts: 6

    I have been waiting for a fix for 6 months and nothing. You can stop playing, I assure you, you will not lose anything

  • HatredgedHatredged Member Posts: 3

    Really where is @Rizzo90 who asked for info or someone responsible? i'm not making it bigger but on every 10 games 1 is rank error and there is a lot of things idk why this ppl are not working on it. i left pubg cause they made skin instead of bug fixes and now again... and when ppl talking about stolen times, someone who's (i think but idk) responsible to take care of my issue coming and telling me ''i made your post a bit more readable'' but it seems everyone can read my post as i wrote but no one can understand in dbd staff. Content is weak, bugs a lot, community managers no more, so this game is about only idea and it's good but on it's own it'll never be enough. it just making me sad. if they pay me enough to survive i could work for them 10 hours in a day but everyone likes to spend money and living life like it's short so i won't expect anything good from this game about improving.

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Member Posts: 4,526

    We are moderators. We don't fix the game. We forward things to the team so they are aware and can start working on a fix... Fixes can take a few days, if not even weeks. This bug also affects on certain users. E.G. I don't have it, but I have friends that have it.

    Your other way is to contact support and forward your logs which will make it easier for them to detect the issue and have a fix eventually on it's way - it's important to understand some issues require the help of the community and cannot be fixed quickly, but take time to be fixed. Support: https://support.deadbydaylight.com

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