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calvinvaleriancalvinvalerian Member Posts: 43

Suddenly disconnected from a match with Oni as the killer with error message

"An error has occurred and the game was unable to update your rank."


These two configuration files were always set to Read-only since I need it for 76Hz monitor refresh rate.





  • maria_maria_ Member Posts: 24
    edited July 2019

    After the match, when I should rank up I have the message "RANK UPDATE ERROR. An error has occured and the game was not unable to update your rank".

    When I rank down, then this message doesn't appear. Very upsetting, because I can only rank down now. The lower the rank - the more new players - the weaker the team...

    (P.S. don't tell me to email support. I already did this)

  • PájaPája Member Posts: 25

    I got exactly same problem... It sucks

  • Computer_EzComputer_Ez Member Posts: 4

    sadly i just got that message too...

    we should wait next update developer says... hopely they can fix this problem

  • geofu098geofu098 Member Posts: 16

    they didn't fixed the problem, I still can not rank up after today's update (3.1.0)

  • SirClaverSirClaver Member Posts: 8

    I cannot believe that this error occurs SINCE 3.0.0 (!) and with the loads of bug fixes we got today you still could not manage to get rid of it?

  • SuRoNiXSuRoNiX Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2019

    I got the same problem. Sometimes it works when playing as killer tho.

    Its pretty sad aswell that they dont care about this problem or dont find any solutions to this.

    Update: worked on the first game I played after the patch but got the error message after the 2nd game....atleast the message was translated into my language this time

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  • kaja25kaja25 Member Posts: 4

    same here.

  • oTechnicoTechnic Member Posts: 120

    I dont get the error message, but I just got 27k points as Survivor and was half way of piping once.

    Platform: PS4

  • MaxFactorMaxFactor Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2019

    I have the same problem :/

  • BlondeMegPlsBlondeMegPls Member Posts: 66

    Having same problem for the first time today... 😥

  • geofu098geofu098 Member Posts: 16

    I sent them an email and I received this

    They still do not have a solution

  • maria_maria_ Member Posts: 24

    I don't have this error anymore! I have no idea what they did, but for now - everything is working for me. Is there anyone with this error fixed?

  • MacmillanMacmillan Member Posts: 100
    edited August 2019

    Eu venho sofrendo este mesmo problema desde a atualização do GhostFace cada vez que termino uma partida aparece este problema dizendo RANK UPDATE ERROR, isso já está muito chato de aturar, 8 a cada 10 partidas acontece isso comigo. Já fiz de tudo que poderia fazer mandei ticket, reparei os arquivos do game, desinstalei e instalei e nada resolve, e pelo que vejo a empresa responsável não está tentando corrigir um erro tão simples que podem resolver muito rápido. 😠😠😠

    https://us.v-cdn.net/6030815/uploads/616/QDCQZ8AQMF99.jpeg There was an error displaying this embed.

  • geofu098geofu098 Member Posts: 16

    I still have it

  • pnSpnS Member Posts: 3
    edited August 2019

    same, pretty good job so far.............

    new patch dont work.

    maybe in few month later, find an answer to the problem

  • AteliczAtelicz Member Posts: 5

    I'm having the same problem. I had it yesterday with killer, got 30k bp and completed a daily, which is 60, ranked up also. but then an error popped up saying there was a problem updating your rank, then it kicked me out and I lost my bps add ons and i didnt complete the daily. then today i just ranked up to 12 on survivor, and then said there was a problem updating your rank, restarting the game may fix the issue. It didn't and now i lost my offering which was an add on, then lost all the bp and didnt rank up.. like why is this even a thing guys. cmon, you said you were working on a fix but 2 updates later, still happening....

    (P.S) i have this all on stream sooo thanks ?

  • maria_maria_ Member Posts: 24

    And... the ERROR is back again. I thought it was gone for good, but after Rank Reset it came back, and again, I can't rank up, only rank down, etc etc...

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Administrator, Co-ordinator, BHVR Posts: 18,367

    In the recent Developer Update (linked below) it's stated that a fix for this is currently being tested internally and if all goes well the fix will be implemented during the next update.


  • maria_maria_ Member Posts: 24

    @MandyTalk :-) awesome!

  • PotatoBlightPotatoBlight Member Posts: 12

    I would hope so, it's been in the game for far too long. I've had this bug since March and they've only "recently" began testing fixes internally. It's a joke no matter how you look at it..

  • maria_maria_ Member Posts: 24

    It is fixed (at least for me)! Thank you!

  • GopherGopher Member Posts: 50

    Not fixed for me. Been like this for almost 4 months. Game is unplayable. Great job devs.

  • CR0WCR0W Member Posts: 1

    After the match, when I should rank up I have the message "RANK UPDATE ERROR. An error has occured and the game was not unable to update your rank".

    When I rank down, then this message doesn't appear. Very upsetting, because I can only rank down now. The lower the rank - the more new players - the weaker the team...

    (P.S. don't tell me to email support. I already did this)

  • BarlibBarlib Member Posts: 6

    Does the information at the top of the page telling us about the "partial loss of progress" refers to the rank update error, or is it a different bug?

  • bernardesbernardes Member Posts: 1

    same problem here, im stoping plays this **** game, every time i got this problem

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    I have the same problem and it also seems to happen at the middle of the game. The last time happened while a killer just found me. The game is now unplayable.

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    I restarted the computer. Now the problem seems to be gone but other players do disconnect in a strange way during the game, I am not sure it is rage quit, it might be the same bug happening to them.

  • NevrBanNevrBan Member Posts: 1

    Pois é, mesmo após a atualização de 06/11/2019 que se refere à 3.2.2 joguei 4 partidas upando de Rank mas depois da quinta continua o erro de update rank... Dead By DayBug

  • BryzolaBryzola Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2019

    After the 3.2.2, but a few days ago I started to have the rank update error after EVERY SINGLE GAME again, right after the match it just kicks me to the starting screen where I have to press a key to continue.

    I love the game but it's becoming impossible to play like this...

    Platform: PC

    Description of the issue: Can't rank up or down, error pops up seconds after match

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): Just play a match and in the end rank up or down.

    How often does this occur: All the time

  • BryzolaBryzola Member Posts: 13

    I'm having the same issue! After a few games with version 3.2.2 the rank update error started to happen again, and after EVERY SINGLE GAME that I would rank up or down!

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