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How to Fix Ruin

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I don't think it's currently possible for you to balance gen speed/match length when you have such a inconsistent super meta perk like Ruin. Both sides of players can agree that It's either very powerful or very weak. It's inconsistency is what agitates both sides at the same time. It's RNG on whether the totem spawns in a hidden position or not and can change the win odds of the game instantly when it's found.

It's time to finally change this perk, it's been a long time..

Here is the solution to Ruin:

All Survivors are affected by Ruin for 200/220/240 seconds at the start of the Trial, which causes the following:

  • Good Skill Checks result in 3 % regression on the Generator.
  • Great Skill Checks grant 0 % bonus progression on the Generator.

Once this perk is changed you can actually start looking into the future about actual match length such as reducing skill check chances as most people who have a good amount of hours and can hit a great skill check consistently now days and having a frequent amount due to RNG can also be a deciding factor of the game.

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