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When do you T-Bag?

Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,020

When i play survivor i usually dont t-bag the killer b/c I dont want to be rude. But there is one main exception. I will t-bag the killer if someone gets face camped in the end game and we manage to get the face camped survivor safely to the gate. (if we have time to t-bag)



  • Sasori_puppetSasori_puppet Member Posts: 1,416

    I t-bag all the time because it is fun + extra 25 points if you are playing jane

  • AwakeyAwakey Member Posts: 2,741

    3 instances:

    - Killer is facecamping

    - Attempt to get Killer's attention

    - Converse with fellow Survivors

  • bobcat946732bobcat946732 Member Posts: 500

    When I see another survivor or I get healed I'll do the thank-you tbag of friendship.

    I'll tbag the killer if they're face camping or if he's super tunnely. Like, abandons an injured person midchase to go back and get the person that was unhooked tunnelly. It's more to try and keep their attention then actually bming them though.

    I also sometimes do a single tbag and nod if the killer does something silly during a chase and they know it. Like, they start shaking their head at you after falling in the hole on the game. It's more a "yeah, I saw what you did" tbag/nod.

  • Theoretical_HeartTheoretical_Heart Member Posts: 398

    Never as survivor.

    EVERY SINGLE DOWN, EVERY SINGLE HOOK as GhostFace just pure revenge for 3 years of watching survivors do it.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 2,226

    I will teabag to say hi to survivors. I might crouch once or twice to say hi to the killer. If I'm playing as or against Ghostface... well, hopefully a teabag-off will ensue.

  • MonlythMonlyth Member Posts: 507

    Never. I try to treat others the way I'd like to be treated, and I don't like being teabagged as Killer.

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 488

    I tbag to converse with other survivors and will revenge tbag against a scummy killer.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 3,535

    I wouldn't even care if I did something silly and a survivor did that. I'd be like "Yeah that was bad huh?" I tend to nod or wiggle at a survivor if I think something is being really weird or I want there attention cause i'mma let them go or if it's one of those games. I don't always play serious and like to be silly in some matches.

    Now, I will say I have played Ghost Face where I t-bag the whole chase or crouch chase. It's funny. But if you BM me and i'm playing Ghost Face? I'mma make realllllly sure to drag that undercarriage over you.

  • Mtom912Mtom912 Member Posts: 498

    Only if I get bmed, hard tunneled, or face camped

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 9,490


  • InfinyMageInfinyMage Member Posts: 236

    If im playing ghostface i Tbag pretty much anytime im not doing the objective. I probably look like a spaz sometimes. Dont care if i get ownd, if im owning. T bag. Feel bad for the last survivor if i happen to catch them because i will tbag in their face till the entity ends the trial.

    I dont play survivor at all so pretty much ghostface is my only time i get to tbag.

  • KaijuKaiju Member Posts: 256

    Only when I get a pallet reverse or the killer is one of my friends beside that I never do it

  • SpannungsstoßSpannungsstoß Member Posts: 1,673

    I teabag my mates and in extreme occasions i teabag the killer to distract him in case one of my other survivors is getting tunneled to oblivion.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,091

    After every pallet slam because outplayed!

    • Toxic survivor
  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 2,607

    Only to greet other survivors or when I want to meme around.

  • NegiNegi Member Posts: 132

    I'll do a single bag to say thanks to a survivor. I don't teabag killers, I don't care what they do, killer is stressful as hell and doesn't need that.

  • BloodyNightsBloodyNights Member Posts: 432

    At the exit gates, it's a ritual. Sometimes if I'm attempting to get the killer to chase me, like if they are camping someone on a hook. Other than that not often. I mean I might have done it once or twice to a huntress on the swamp when I had the high ground and it would take her a long time to down me if she did intiate a chase. She just looked at me, and I looked at her like sup. Took her a moment but she chased me. I don't think she was too upset with me.

    As Ghostface? Probably most of the match. Walking around? T-bag. I don't usually t-bag survivors for downing them, unless they t-bagged me. I t-bag when walking away from the hook, after hooking them. I even t-bag after the exit gates are open and the survivors are t-bagging. I join them like a boss.

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 6,847

    When I want the killer to just down/kill me and get it over with because some bs or another

  • LittleLiamLittleLiam Member Posts: 34

    I t-bag the killers through walls on hooks if I suspect they are running bbq. If they weren't running that perk, they wouldn't be able to see it and it's a waste of my time. But a lot of times, they are and the killer comes straight my direction and by then I have plenty of time to hide and it waste so much of their time.

    The only other time is greeting survivors or when I know I'm dead and dont feel like a chase I'll stand still and t-bag.

  • DrVeloxcityDrVeloxcity Member Posts: 219

    I tbag to:

    • Converse with other survivors.
    • Converse with the killer in a non-toxic way (ex: T-bagging twice in quick succession to say "Thank you")
    • T-bagging when something completely idiotic caused by the game happens. (Ex: When a killer should've hit me but hits the pallet instead even though the weapon was less than a cm from me. It's a t-bag of mutual understanding. The killer usually nods while the survivor t-bags).
    • When I fail to get in a locker in time when the killer has BBQ and Chili, I'll t-bag to let him know "I see you" or "I know you see me".
    • I also t-bag if the killer plays extremely toxic (ex: facecamping, hard tunnelling, ebony mori) and we get out at the gate. Then I'll t-bag at the gate.
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