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why use huntress lullaby when devour hope/ruin benifits are simply better?

2Khours2Khours Member Posts: 158
edited October 20 in Feedback and Suggestions

I love devour hope, tbh on every killer I easily/quickly can hook survivors I love to use this perk, it's strong, it makes you really dangerous, it stops survivors from working on gens because they look for the totem, and if they don't find it you can murder them, it's great, even if it has all the weaknesses of a hex perk (getting cleansed after 20 seconds) this is a really realaly good perk because it doesn't show it's there until the third token, which is when survivors are now exposed.

So why huntress lullaby is so rare and almost never used?

Simply because this perk warn survivors as soon as they got the first skillcheck on a gen, I remember in the old days when this perk came out there was no warning about it, you had to guess the killer had it because of how quick the skillchecks were showing up, then you had to look for it, but now, you do a gen and have your first skillcheck and everybody knows you have this perk so everybody will look for it (kinda),

It doesn't have the effect of surprise like devour hope which is a big reason why no one use it, this perk has a lot of potential to be a good perk and be a change to ruin, even if ruin warn right away survivors that the killer has ruin, it actually stops them from working to look for it or they work really slowly, it slows them down from the start, but huntress lullaby doesn't do that, you mut work for it to be effective, like devour hope, but why is this perk visible to survivors? it's worse than ruin, it's worse than devour hope, we know the killer have it after 1 skillcheck, 1 look for it while the other 3 work like normal, when with ruin it's like 2-3 survivors looking for it.

To be honnest, this hex perk shouldn't tell the survivors it exist until they figure it out or find it early, like any other hex perk, it should give a warning that you are cursed by it, it would be a really nice buff for it that could already make killers use it a little more.

A little buff would be that if the hex is cleased, you keep half your tokens, so if you have 5, which is no skillchecks warning, it will be 50% at all time, so you worked for it, they found it, it's not as bad as before, but it's still there, and the 6% regression is now 3%, the perk is 50% less effective, I know a hex perk shouldn't work at all once it is cleased, but it's just a little idea,

and finally, just a flat buff for this perk, each token could increase the skillcheck chances by 2%, it's small and would allow the perk to be more of a pain for survivors.

I don't ask all these to be added at once, these are just suggestions, but the first one would be a really really good quality of life change.

Hex huntress lullaby is a really good perk by itself, it just takes time to make it work and survivors knows directly that you have it, change that, I love this perk, but I can't use it because of those reasons.

Make huntress lullaby great!

thanks for reading

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  • 2Khours2Khours Member Posts: 158

    @Rizzo90 i accidently placed this post on feedback instead of general, even tho it's a feedback, i'd love to have it moved to general, thank you

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Mod Posts: 3,081

    It's fine where it is.

  • S_PandaS_Panda Member Posts: 258

    I quite agree with this or at the minimum the middle ground: the first skill check after the first hook.

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 2,755

    Pretty sure they get told because even with no tokens, they still have the added regression effect. Maybe make it warn them after the first FAILED skillcheck? As far as the extra skillchecks thing goes, that can backfire if the survivor is any good at hitting greats.

  • YaiPaYaiPa Member Posts: 632

    Lullaby needs a good snowballing, otherwise is pretty late game, up to a point where only 1 gen is left. The instant hex pop up hinders it even furthermore.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 2,813

    I'd love to see it get a buff. I enjoy the perk but it doesn't do enough right now.

  • 2Khours2Khours Member Posts: 158
  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 7,098

    I would like for it to still be active once cleansed, but gaining Tokens requires the Hex Totem to be up.

    So it'll still apply the effects, but your Token amount is now set to the current amount, not going up or down.

    Maybe remove the extra regression as well once cleansed, but that's a maybe.

    What this'll do is that they'll hunt for it ASAP, or they'll have to deal with insta-Skill Checks later on.

    And i might not speak for everyone, but i'd want them to have that mentality, because they won't be on Generators.

    Oh, and pls no warning until the first Token is there, thank you.

  • UlvenDagothUlvenDagoth Member Posts: 2,813
  • EntityEvictorEntityEvictor Member Posts: 311

    Failing an objective skill check should injure you and missed healing skillchecks should down injured survivor with maxed stacks.

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