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Bubba (Leatherface) re-work concept

Hopefully self explanatory; my brother came up with this and asked me to share it. All feedback appreciated.


  • Robin1101Robin1101 Member Posts: 10


  • Robin1101Robin1101 Member Posts: 10

    double bump

  • EntityEvictorEntityEvictor Member Posts: 305

    I do agree that his collision is more of a hindrance to his power ability and that he should be able to end his attack prematurely. Other than stat buffs idk what would do him justice tho, maybe if his chainsaw inflicted sloppy butcher or delayed recovery by defaut or that he can use it while carrying a victim with no movement penalty

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 4,327

    Please try avoiding bumping. And i agree with EntityEvictor

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